Dozer Men's Sandals Reviews

4.00 out of 5


Teva's lightweight Dozer is more of a sport shoe than a sandal, and actually work great for hiking.


June 22, 2018
Review: These lightweight, sporty sandals are designed for maximum comfort whether you're hiking or just lounging around the patio at your favorite tavern, post-hike.

The flexible rubber sole grips rocks, technical stone stairs, as well as wooden steps. They also perform quite well on dirt descents. The mid-sole EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) absorbs shock through the entire step, aided by a very forgiving heel shock.

The upper sandal is composed of a synthetic which covers and protects your toes, and offers up several air vents for breathability. The tongue is made up of breathable mesh and features an easily adjustable elastic cord designed for tightening on the fly.

Drawbacks include no ankle support and, despite the breathability, your feet will still sweat in these, eventually resulting in odor. Make sure to watch your step on the loose stuff and wash them regularly.

I hike regularly in these and so far have had no problems (as of this, I've owned these for a year and a half.)

If it's too hot for hiking boots but too technical for mere sandals, these make a perfect compromise.

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