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Laramie, WY
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Hiking in Wyoming (WY) offers a diverse range of terrains and trails, from the snow-capped peaks of the Grand Tetons to the wide-open prairies of the High Plains.

Northwest Wyoming is full of popular hiking areas. The Bridger-Teton National Forests encompass most of this area and provide alpine hiking trails that meander through the dense wilderness, as well as steep, strenuous hiking paths that summit the Teton Mountains. Hike to the many waterfalls in the forest, or climb more difficult trails to the top of Gannett Peak, the highest point in Wyoming, for stunning mountain top views. Yellowstone National Park is nearby, which provides easy trails suitable for families with children, or challenging trails that cover a diverse range of topography.

North Central Wyoming brings hikers to trails in Bighorn National Forest. A variety of parks offer access to the Bighorn Mountains where hikers can explore miles of forested trails that meander under a thick tree canopy. Hike along pristine lakes and reservoirs for more flat trails that still provide stunning views of the mountains. Find wooded trails in Southern Wyoming in the Sierra Madre Mountains, or head out east and explore winding paths through scenic prairies. Find hiking trails around cities like Cheyenne, as well, for more outdoor recreation!

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The Redds Day Use Area Alcova Wyoming
Pete's Draw Alcova Wyoming
Table Mountain Alta Wyoming
Grand Targhee Resort Alta Wyoming
Mill Creek Via Lightning Ridge/loop And Colter's Escape Alta Wyoming
Rick's Basin/quakie Ridge Alta, Wy Wyoming
Trail Creek Arlington Wyoming
Rock Creek Arlington Wyoming
Miner's Delight Trail Atlantic City Wyoming
Clear Creek Buffalo Wyoming
Hole-in-the-Wall Buffalo Wyoming
Dry Creek Petrified Tree Buffalo Wyoming
Poison Creek Trail Buffalo Wyoming
Independence Rock Historic Site Casper Wyoming
Bessemer Bend Casper Wyoming
Steamboat Lake Interpretive Site Casper Wyoming
Curt Gowdy State Park Cheyenne Wyoming
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El Alto Laramie
Buffalo Bill State Park Cody Wyoming
Bald Ridge Trailhead Cody Wyoming
Twin Creek Trailhead Cody Wyoming
Bobcat-Houlihan Trailhead Cody Wyoming
Devils Tower National Monument Devils Tower Wyoming
Fort Fetterman Historic Site Douglas Wyoming
Bear River State Park Evanston Wyoming
Edness K. Wilkins State Park Evansville Wyoming
Burnt Hollow Gillette Wyoming
Glendo State Park Glendo Wyoming
Brent & Mikes' Trail Green River Wyoming
MacBones Trail Green River Wyoming
Lunatic Fringe Green River Wyoming
Cruiser Green River Wyoming
Draino Green River Wyoming
Pick Your Poison Green River Wyoming
Fast Exit Green River Wyoming
MacDaddy Green River Wyoming
Uncle Ricos Green River Wyoming
Bench Trail Greybull Wyoming
Guernsey State Park Guernsey Wyoming
Hawk Springs State Recreation Area Guernsey Wyoming
Medicine Lodge Archaeological Site Hyattville Wyoming
Continental Divide Trail: Wyoming Jackson Wyoming
22 sub listings
CDT WY01: Colorado Border to Battle Trailhead Encampment
CDT WY02: Battle Trailhead to Sage Creek Road Encampment
CDT WY03: Sage Creek Road to Unnamed Road Junction Rawlins
CDT WY04: Unnamed Road Junction to Bridger Pass Road Rawlins
CDT WY05: Bridger Pass Road to Hwy 287 Rawlins
CDT WY06: Hwy 287 to Co Rd 63 Rawlins
CDT WY07: Co Rd 63 to Co Rd 22 Rawlins
CDT WY08: Co Rd 22 to Bison Basin Rd Bairoil
CDT WY09: Bison Basin Rd to Sweetwater River Lander
CDT WY10: Sweetwater River to South Pass City Lander
CDT WY11: South Pass City to Sweetwater River Trailhead South Pass City
CDT WY12: Sweetwater River Trailhead to Big Sandy Trailhead Lander
CDT WY13: Big Sandy Trailhead to North Fork Lake Boulder
CDT WY14: North Fork Lake to Summit Lake Boulder
CDT WY15: Summit Lake to Union Pass Cora
CDT WY16: Union Pass to Sheridan Trail Dubois
CDT WY17: Sheridan Trail to Brooks Lake Dubois
CDT WY18: Brooks Lake to North Buffalo Fork River Dubois
CDT WY19: North Buffalo Fork River to Yellowstone National Park Boundary Moran
CDT WY20: Yellowstone National Park Boundary to Lewis Lake and South Entrance Road Yellowstone National Park
CDT WY21: Lewis Lake and South Entrance Road to Old Faithful and US Hwy 20 Yellowstone National Park
CDT WY22: Old Faithful and US Hwy 20 to Idaho Border Yellowstone National Park
Shadow Mountain Jackson Wyoming
Cache Creek To Game Creek Jackson Wyoming
Green Mountain Jeffrey City Wyoming
Split Rock Interpretive Site Jeffry City Wyoming
Outlaw Cave Trail Kaycee Wyoming
Miller Trail Kaycee Wyoming
Fossil Butte National Monument Kemmerer Wyoming
Middle Fork Popo Agie River Lander Wyoming
The Bus Lander Wyoming
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