Our hike from Wayah Bald to Cold Spring Gap

Leah and I took our first backpacking trip together and it was a great trip. I was a bit concerned in planning this route since we would be starting at the high point of the hike and walking downhill for most of the first day but we actually ended up coming back up much faster than we went down (3:30 to Cold Springs on the way out, 2:40 back up to Wayah Bald on day 2).

Tower at the top of Wayah Bald

The Cold Springs shelter is very small and there we met “Mr. Breeze” who had just hiked up Wesser (location of the Nantahala Outdoor Center) in the opposite direction. We scouted around for a more private campsite since we knew there was no rain in the forecast and found the perfect spot on top of a ridge above the shelter. This campsite was seriously probably one of the best I’ve EVER seen with views, nice soft grass, a large fire pit, and total seclusion. I’m sure after this first backpacking experience Leah will be spoiled and expect perfection from every backpacking trip!

Our campsite atop the ridge

The view from our campsite near Cold Spring Gap shelter

Appalachian trail

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