We’ve started posting Appalachian trail maps in our hiking section and the plan is to post the entire 2,174 mile trail section by section. We’re starting with the southern end of the trail with Springer Mountain in Georgia and working our way north to Maine. Each trail map shows the trail, local roads in the area, and shelter locations along the trail.

Trail sections are bounded by roads (generally paved) on either end and labeled accordingly. Ideally the sections will be around 20 miles or so but this depends on finding good starting and stopping points. Members can post reviews or additional info on each trail section and can even post photos taken along the trail. The trail lengths posted are estimates and we hope to post links to high resolution PDFs of each trail map very soon. In the meantime you can download the first three detailed Appalachian trail section maps here:

Section 1: Springer Mountain to GA Hwy 60

Section 2: GA Hwy 60 to GA Hwy 348

Section 3: GA Hwy 348 to US Hwy 76

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