Hiking trails can be found just about everywhere in the United States but sometimes you need a little help tracking them down. Even in my moderately urban neighborhood we have a tiny forested space tucked at the end of a dead end street that took me months of dog walking to discover. The trails are short (probably less than a half mile loop) but they’re great for reconnecting with nature when I don’t have the time (or gas money) to get out of town.

The Fullerton (California) Community Examiner published a series of articles highlighting some of the best hiking trails in the Orange County area and if you live in the area the article is well worth the read. Orange County, California is home to perhaps the worst urban and suburban sprawl in the US yet, as this article points out, there are plenty of opportunities to get outside in our own backyards. Where are your favorite suburban hiking trails?

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  • Kim

    As the writer of the series of articles, thank you for putting this link up! I enjoyed writing them and will be doing some more hiking articles in the near future.

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