This thought just occurred to me as I’m sitting in my office waiting for the power to come back on. It’s cliché to talk about how much we depend on electricity these days, much less the internet, but when you’re without power for more than an hour or so it really becomes clear how much electricity is a part of our daily lives.

I guess that’s why people still enjoy tent camping. Did you ever notice how time seems to slow down on a camping trip? By 9pm most campers will swear it feels midnight without the primetime television lineup reminding us what time it really is. Camping days seem longer and I suspect it’s because electricity isn’t speeding things along.

Now that the initial panic and frustration about being without power has passed I’m actually kinda enjoying it. There’s no email, no music, and no phone calls (my cell phone battery just ran out) to worry about is pretty relaxing, even though I know once the power is back I’ll have a lot of catching up to do. It’s the same with a camping trip: often the hardest part is pulling yourself away and getting in the car. Once you’re outdoors thoughts of all those electrical devices will fade away.

It may sound impossible in this day and age to take an electricity-free vacation but if you’re willing to give it a try for a day or two you’ll certainly be rewarded. I just my internet access will come back soon so you’ll actually get a chance to read this article 🙂

Update: It’s been more than 24 hours and I’m still without electricity at home. Fortunately my brother lives close by and his power is fine. Back to work!

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  • Fleeno Jackson

    Is that a photo from your office? It almost looks like you’ve defeated the ground on that plug. Not a good idea!

    • jbarber

      Sharp eye! Fortunately that is not in my office – it was a staged shot taken in my brother’s dining room.

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