Here’s a cool gift idea for anyone who will be spending time outdoors this winter: The Beard Head. This machine-washable, wool/acrylic face mask should keep your head and face warm in all but the most blustery conditions. There are several color combos to choose from including “viking,” “pirate,” and “lumberjack.” I vote for a new color, the “Yosemite Sam” in fire red!

The cool thing about the Beard Head is that you can even switch out the mustache for a different look. The Fu Manchu adds a slightly longer, droopy mustache while the Mario looks like, well something out of a video game. There’s also the Walrus mustache which I think I’d call the Flanders instead. I never realized how many cartoon characters had facial hair. 🙂

The Beard Head is just $29.99 and the add on ‘staches are less than five bucks each. I’m hoping this points to a trend in creative but functional winter masks. Maybe this means we’ll be seeing fewer of those stupid ski and snowboard hats with horns on the slopes this winter.



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  • Kolskeggur

    It´s all over the news here in Iceland that you are stealing this design from Icelandic designers. Is that how your business model works?

  • MountainMan

    Our business model is to review camping & hiking products and this design is actually produced by a company called The Beard Head as mentioned & linked in the article.

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