The Look

The V-Lite Snowflake Chukka 200i is, in my opinion, the best looking boot offered in Hi-Tec’s Winter 2010 outdoor insulated footwear lineup.  Although I’m not usually a brown shoe wearer, I chose the honey/sable/taupe color, and it’s actually working for me. Hopefully next year this boot will be available in some combination of black and grey. The fur lining and collar add a feminine touch to what might otherwise look a bit like a men’s work boot, and the leather-like buttons add a rustic flair.



I have another pair of tall, lace-up boots that take more time than I would like to get in and out of but the Snowflake Chukka is great because it slips on and off so easily.  The elastic bands around the buttons can be undone but I found that I can just leave them fastened all the time. I can slip the boots off at the front door when I get home, grab the dog for a walk, and put them back on without much more trouble than wearing flip-flops.

Wearing these boots my feet have stayed toasty warm and completely dry during the recent Colorado spring snowstorms.  I often walk through snowdrifts and puddles without worrying about my socks getting wet.  As for the traction, I have a hill right outside my place that I often slide down in my skateboarding shoes but I have not slipped in these boots. Thus far, these boots appear to be well made and should last me many winters.


The Fit

I have narrow feet, and I usually wear a size 7.5 shoe.  I ordered my Snoflake Chukka 200i boots in size 7 based on reviews I saw online and it turns out the smaller size gives me plenty of room even with thick socks.  The boots fit loosely and my feet and slide around slightly but this is a trade-off I’m willing to make for the easy-on and easy-off feature. When I first wore the Snowflake Chukkas there was a weird pressure on the outside of my foot that almost felt like I had the boots on the wrong feet.  After a few days this feeling subsided but the footbed still feels just a little awkward.

The top of my Snowflake Chukka sits about 6 inches above my ankle and has a gap between my leg and the boot of about an inch.  Because of this these boots probably wouldn’t work very well in knee-deep powder but for walking around town or aprés ski they work great.

When I ordered the Snowflake Chukka 200i boots I was worried about my pant-legs not fitting over them.  I wear mostly wide leg pants and I didn’t want to be the one who has the bottom of my pants tucked into my boots while my pants billow out of the top (the peg-leg-jeans with a muffin-top look).  Luckily my pants easily fit over these boots.  For someone who favors the skinny-jeans or leggings these boots would work equally well.



The Snowflake Chukka 200i from Hi-Tec is a high quality boot well suited to the cold and sometimes wet conditions here in Colorado. This boot packs serious performance into a fashionable package that’s convenient and comfortable. Lace up a pair today!

Thanks to the trekkers at Hi-Tec for providing the Snowflake Chukka 200i for review.

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