The Bamboo Bottle booth had a ton of buzz around it at Outdoor Retailer so we decided to see what was up. The Bamboo Bottle Company produces exactly what you’d expect: bamboo water bottles. Or, sorta. The water bottle is actually made of glass and is wrapped in a bamboo cylinder. We gotta admit though, this is one of the best looking water bottles we’ve seen.

Bamboo is an eco-friendly material because it grows quickly and is therefore both sustainable and renewable, unlike hard woods. And unlike glass or even aluminum bottles, glass doesn’t leach chemicals into your drink – hot or cold. There aren’t many glass water bottles out there since glass is prone to breakage (in case you didn’t know) but the bamboo sleeve helps protect the glass bottle inside. Of course this isn’t the lightest water bottle around so you’ll want to stick to plastic bottles for backpacking.

At $25 this water bottle isn’t cheap and we wonder why the company didn’t keep the bamboo intact rather than planing and gluing it into a cylinder (bamboo is, after all, mostly hollow and cylindrically shaped already). Look for this bottle to hit stores sometime later this year or early 2011.

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  • erfchile

    the reason why the company didn’t keep the bamboo intact : because this bold looking bottle shows the world you don’t need to chop down trees to have a beautiful natural wood look , keeping the bamboo intact tells the world hey everybody I live on Giligan’s island

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