Ok, so we won’t go into much detail on this one but for those who are interested there’s a new DVD available called “Stand 2 Pee.” From the website:

WHAT? Women are taught as young girls they cannot pee standing up, and this is not true. Women CAN stand to pee naturally!

WHEN? Today, women can learn to pee standing up. No more squatting, or hovering when
hiking, camping, attending shows or traveling away from home.

HOW? Learn to pee standing up from the comfort of your own home with the Stand2Pee Instructional DVD in less than a day. Women can pee standing naturally without gadgets, funnels or so-called female urinary devices.

Of course squatting to pee is always an option and seems to be the method of choice for most but who knows, maybe this will take off for women who like to go camping and hiking! 🙂

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  • Jennifer

    This is very cool if it works. I think most can relate to squatting in places where men don’t worry about such things as tall grass or insects. I would think the military would be interested in this as well for all our women troops.

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