GSI Bugaboo Basecamper Cook set – nested

This cook set beats all other camping cook sets hands down.  Full disclosure:  We love GSI products.  We have the GSI dualist backpacking set, an older GSI cook set, and even a GSI kettle for camping.  This set though?  This set takes the cake.  Here are the specs from GSI:

Teflon coated.

Includes 3 and 5 liter pots.

The lids are crush-proof, heat-resistant nylon with silicone rings.

The cutting board has a flat and a dished side for various needs.

The cook set also includes a frying pan and a folding gripper handle that locks onto the 3 L pot and frying pan.

5 L pot, 3 L pot with lid, frying pan with gripper handle, and cutting board

On our first night out I was most excited to try the strainer in the lid.  Our older set has plastic lids that are difficult to use as straining devices.  So I decided to make a pasta dish for dinner since I knew then we’d have to strain something.  The 5 L pot is great.  It’s deep but not too wide, so it even sits fine on our one-burner Primus stove.

5 L GSI pot

Straining was a breeze because the lid doesn’t get too hot! I could hold it shut and strain the pasta with ease. No burns, no water dribbling around the edges, nothing!

I later mixed the pasta, veggies, and sauce all in the same pot and the Teflon coating worked so well it hardly needed cleaning. Nothing stuck to it at all. Since it’s so big, we actually used it as our wash pot as well.

The next day I was super excited to use the frying pan to make pancakes. I thought we’d truly test out the non-stick coating.

Attaching the gripper handle to the frying pan

I used maybe 2 tsp of oil in the pan. I wanted to use as little as possible to really see how non-stick this pan was.

Here is giant pancake #1.

After the flip! No sticking at all from the GSI frying pan.

Finally, just because I love it so, I have to show off our GSI kettle.

GSI kettle – holds the perfect amount of water for 2 giant cups of coffee.

My overall assessment is that everyone who likes to camp should have this cook set. It nests and has a mesh bag to hold everything. There is even room inside the 3 liter pot to hold a small one-burner stove or tea kettle. Everything cleans up easily and the lids stay cool enough to touch while straining water from the pot. The Bugaboo Basecamper Large cook set retails for $79.95 and is worth every penny for avid campers.

Thanks to GSI Outdoors for allowing us to review this great cook set.

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  • Sarah Hikes

    Sounds awesome. I think I’ll look into getting one.

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