Hiking is one of my favorite things to do. But, like anything else, it’s usually more enjoyable if you’re prepared with the right gear, particularly when it comes to shoes. There are many different kinds of hiking shoes available, designed for all kinds of people, terrain, temperatures, and weather. After wearing various hiking shoes over the years I finally found a pair that meets my needs.

Before a trip to Costa Rica I went shopping for a new pair of shoes. I figured we would be doing quite a bit of walking and hiking so I wanted to get the right shoes for the job. They had to be lightweight with a grippy sole, and keep my feet from getting too hot. After looking up and down the aisles, I came across a pair of Adidas Kanadia TR 2 shoes that intrigued me. These kicks are actually classified as trail running shoes and I found them to be comfortable and supportive with a great design. I decided to get these.

My first pair of Adidas Kanadia shoes after two years of use

There were quite a few reasons I chose this pair. They’re super light at only 9.8 oz and have a mesh upper that provides good ventilation on hot days. Another important feature is something they call TRAXION.  TRAXION provides the wearer with good traction for climbing up and down steep and rocky terrain. Another part of the design is called adiWEAR. It’s a high-density rubber compound on the outsole of the shoe that gives it high durability. Then there’s what they call adiPRENE. It’s located under the heel and gives the wearer a nice cushiony feel every step of the way.  One of the features that I found the most unique and appealing is the Mud Release Surface on the bottom of the shoe. It’s designed to easily release any dirt or mud that might otherwise get stuck to the bottom of the shoe and not come off until dried up or washed.

The adiPRENE and adiWEAR technology in the sole

Mesh netting for ventilation

After trekking throughout Costa Rica I was in love with these shoes. My feet stayed nice and cool and didn’t weigh me down. Most importantly, after about 10 miles of hiking in one day and five miles the next day, my feet had no blisters and no pain. Even the Mud Release Surface turned out to be a surprising and effective design. I remember walking down a dirt road back to our cabin and got stuck going through several mud puddles. I was upset that my new shoes were already getting dirty. When we got the cabin I went to take my shoes off to knock off the dirt but they were already clean. The mud was gone without a trace.

Mud Release Surface on the TR 4

It wasn’t until two years later that I went back to get another pair of these shoes. They held up really well other than a small tear in the mesh fabric on top. I thought it would be wise to get a fresh pair for a two-week trip to Colorado. Apparently this style of shoe has been updated since I bought the first pair. The older version can still be found at some online shoe retailers, but cannot be found in stores anymore. Adidas currently offers the new Kanadia Tr 4 which has a few new features and new colors but it’s still basically the same shoe.

Differences in the soles, TR 2 on top, TR 4 on bottom

Differences between the backs of the shoes

The Kanadia Tr 4 looks slightly different but is otherwise very similar to the TR 2. It still has the adiWEAR for durability, the adiPRENE for maximum heel comfort, the TRAXION technology for gripping surfaces, and the Mud Release Surface on the bottom. The only major difference that I noticed was the design of the tread. The Tr 2 had a more flat, grooved sole, whereas the Tr 4 has a cleat-style bottom. Either way I’ve enjoyed both styles of this shoe. I continue to wear the old ones around the house or if I’m going somewhere my shoes will get dirty. I wear the new ones everywhere else. They’re a great everyday shoe no matter where you’re going but most importantly, they’re great for hitting the trails.

Adidas Kanadia TR 2 on the left, the newer TR 4 on the right

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  • Jeff Barber

    With the rising popularity of trail running there really are a lot of great sneaker-type shoes for hiking these days. Years ago the only proper hiking shoes were brown, heavy, and uncomfortable. I’ll trade off ankle support for lightweight and comfort any day!

  • Sarah Hikes

    I agree Jeff. Adidas has out some great shoes for multiple uses. I think clunky hiking boots are good for cold weather climates or hiking through snow, but not for Florida, it’s too hot! I’ve got to have something lightweight, comfortable, and stylish.

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