Ok, so I’m not sure how official this is but I’m told that August 31, 2012 is National Trail Mix Day which should have hikers and backpackers everywhere rejoicing! And what’s not to love about trail mix on a long hike or camping trip–there are as many possible recipes and combinations as there are stars in the sky at night.

In honor of National Trail Mix Day, ClifBar is giving away sample packs of their Mojo trail mix inspired bars to four (4) lucky Tripleblaze members! So, the first four members to 1) add a new trail/campground/cave review and 2) post the link in the comments section of this article @ Tripleblaze.com will win!

I’ve eaten my fair share of Clif Mojo bars and I have to say they’re totally delicious. While training for an epic bike ride this spring I got burned out on sugary, sweet energy bars so I made the switch to Mojo and haven’t looked back since. I found the sweet and salty combo is great for replenishing energy and sodium when your outdoors.

Happy (early) Trail Mix Day!

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