Ok, so clearly this post is geared toward the geeks out there but we thought this was news worth sharing. Tripleblaze and our parent network of outdoor sites have put together a data service called Trail API that gives you access to information about thousands of outdoor destinations and activities around the world. It’s the same data that drives our campground and hiking trails reviews here and we’re excited to see the apps and websites creative developers can come up with using the Trail API!

Here are just a few use cases we envision:

  • A regional website showcasing outdoor recreation opportunities in a particular state (hiking, camping, mountain biking, snow skiing, trail running, horseback riding, water sports, etc.).
  • A mobile app where users can find and review places to go trail running, ATV riding, or skiing/snowboarding.
  • Adding outdoor recreation information to an existing blog or forum website.

At the most basic level, the Trail API offers the name, city/state, and list of outdoor activities for anyone to use, plus a link to the relevant Tripleblaze reviews. The data can be queried by activity or even location (including geolocation and lat/lon searches). The data service also offers access to lat/lon information, descriptions, ratings, thumbnail photos, and attributes (like trail length, campground amenities, etc.) for a small monthly fee.

We’re excited to share the Tripleblaze outdoor information with other apps and websites and are looking forward to seeing all the potential innovation! Over the next few months we’ll be loading up the data service with even more trails and outdoor information to make Trail API the most complete source of outdoor data available online.

What would you like to see someone do with this outdoor data?

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