Sweetwater Creek State Park

Congratulations to our October contribution contest winners: Melissa Peacock, papasmurf454, and tess! Each will receive a $25 REI gift card for their outdoor reviews and photos contributed last month.

We recently added a couple photo features we wanted to share this month:

– Multiple photo uploads. Now you can select multiple trail or campground photos to upload at once! Just shift or control click your selection in your browser’s “open” dialog using the regular photo upload form. Easy!

– Photo tagging. Once you’ve uploaded your photos we’d love to have you tag some of the subject matter in your pics. For example, tagging things like animals, waterfalls, and specific plants will allow others to find your photos more easily. Simply use commas to separate multiple tags (the example below is tagged “spider, colorful”).

How to add photo tags.

Sample “Waterfall” tag gallery.

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