It’s December and the weather here in Western Colorado is still ripe for hiking and biking and, while I’m doing my snow dance in the backyard, I’m also enjoying warm temps that I know won’t last much longer.

This year has provided a lot of opportunities for hiking, camping and backpacking and the following show my personal top 10 hiking (and camping) moments of 2012, in no particular order.

Seeing this giant moose on our Weminuche backpacking trip this year was a definite highlight.


Getting to see one of my favorite formations - the Window - on that same trip was awesome. Soon we'll make a trip all the way up to it.

This trip, while not perfect, did at least afford us some awesome sights:  a herd of elk, the giant moose, The Window…you can’t say any trip was bad when you get to see all that!


First camping trip of the year at our favorite Durango campground - Junction Creek!

The first weekend this campground is open we’re there!  Warm sleeping bags, an awesome GSI cookset and bikes in tow…

Hiking to Delicate Arch in Moab – if you’ve never hiked to it, you should!

This hike is only 3 miles, but if it’s hot out be prepared with plenty of water!  Seeing this arch up close is a definite must.  While you’re out in Moab, go explore Hunter Canyon too!

Making it back to the top of Crag's Crest on the Grand Mesa after 4 years...it's so close we should be hiking there every month!

4 years ago my boyfriend and I hiked the Crag’s Crest trail, and ever since I’ve wanted to get back to that view.  This year I finally made time to do it!

Enjoying another July of camping and biking in Crested Butte, CO

How can anything ever be wrong when you’re in Crested Butte?

Showing my dad the petroglyphs on one of our hiking/biking trails - The Palisade Rim Trail

This was part of Dad’s acclimation process:  doing a local hike.  This one was a short 3 miles, but included several sets of ancient petroglyphs.

First girls' backpacking trip ever! On the Middle Fork of the Cimmaron Trail near Silverjack Reservoir, in Colorado.

Having never gone backpacking without my boyfriend, this was a definite milestone for me and, I think, for Adelle as well.  I was glad we had great weather and took the best dog in the world: Autumn.  She stayed right with us and definitely made us feel safe. These last two are tied…both are reminders of amazing trips this year.

Camping near Downieville, CA at Yuba Pass campground

This trip encompassed so many amazing moments:  getting to bike the Downieville Downhill and, later the Tahoe Rim and Flume trails, getting sick while camping for the first time (it was short lived), and making my first trip to California!  I don’t even know how to put into words how great this trip was.  Ending it was a ride down the Wasatch Crest trail didn’t hurt either!

Backpacking with Dad!

I think this trip might edge out Tahoe. Backpacking together was something I feel Dad and I both had been excited about.  This trip, where all 3 of us were out in gorgeous weather, on a great trail, exploring new terrain was almost a once-in-a-lifetime perfect trip.  I’m so glad we did it.

2013 will hold just as many amazing memories, I’m sure.  For now though, it’s back to the snow dance!


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  • Debbie Gregory

    love your blog and photos of the amazing trails you were on. I LOVE Crested Butte,Spring,Summer,Fall or Winter it’s beautiful anytime of year.
    Thanks for sharing your story.I really enjoyed it

  • mtbikerchick

    Thanks Debbie! Yes, Crested Butte is a definite favorite anytime of year…gotta get back there soon!

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