From time to time a product comes along  that makes you ask, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  The Jetflow Eagle hydration system does that. It replaces the water bladder with the durability of and the adaptability to fit almost any standard plastic bottle.  The bottle simply screws into the intuitive Jetflow Eagle System manifold or one of the two additional adapters that come with it. Once attached, it sits upside down in the pack where a bladder would be. The manifold is small and light weight.  Attached to the manifold are two tubes that come out of the bag and onto the shoulder straps . One has a bite valve on the end for you to pull water from and the other has a jet valve to release vacuum pressure within the bottle.  The tubes are removable and are fixed to the shoulder straps first through a reflective fabric loop and then two plastic clips, one midway and the other at the bottom. When you want a drink, simply remove the tube with the bite valve from the bottom clip and hydrate. When you are done, place the tube back into the clip so it doesn’t swing around while you move.
This Jetflow Eagle hydration system is housed in the Tomahawk pack. The Tomahawk is a  small pack that rests on the back and was specifically designed for the Jetflow Eagle System. It has adjustable shoulder straps and an adjustable sternum strap connected by plastic side release buckles. It fits average and smaller size bodies well, however, I don’t recommend this pack for people who have large chests and shoulders or are taller than six feet.

The Tomahawk has two large storage pockets. The bottle pocket opens on the side that rests on your back. It has a padded EVA back panel flap that is easy to open and uses Velcro to stay closed.  The rigid panel is a nice feature because it keeps you from feeling the bottle on your back. There is additional padding below the flap and a channel in the center for ventilation too.The other side has a zippered pocket to store your things.

 Jetflow’s website says it has two hundred fifty cubic inches of storage space.  I was able to fit keys, a phone, an extra water bottle, and a lunch in it. This side of the Tomahawk features a reflective diamond pattern on the material . It’s stitched well and I imagine it would take quite a bit to tear the durable 400T fabric. After trail testing the Jetflow Eagle hydration system and the Tomahawk pack, a few things stood out. First, the ease with which the bottles go into and out of the pack makes this product user friendly, especially when one compares it to the pain of cleaning a moldy hydration bladder. I also liked that the manifold adapters allowed me to use different kinds of plastic bottles so no matter what type I buy, it still fits. Overall, it’s a smart product that is priced well at $54.95 and would make an excellent gift for your special hiker or mountain biker. Thanks to Jetflow for letting us review this product!

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