Still trying to pick out a meaningful gift for that special someone? It’s getting down to the wire now and I know all too well how stressful gift-giving can be. You’ll end up shopping around for hours and come home with nothing but a headache. The exchange of gifts is a tradition dating back to a long time ago, but over the years the holiday season has become too much about buying each other lots of stuff. But what does all this stuff that we acquire really mean? Wouldn’t you like to receive a gift that you will remember and cherish for a lifetime?

U.S. National Park Service Pass = $80

Let’s try putting aside the materialistic concept of gift-giving for a minute. I’ve come up with a simple solution for those on your list who enjoy spending time outdoors: Give the gift of nature. If you live near any state forests, state parks, or national parks you can buy an Annual Pass and treat a friend to a whole year of visits. If you’re lucky, they may even invite you along to join them. Another idea is, if you have any lakes or rivers nearby, you can make reservations for you and a buddy to rent a canoe or kayak. Then you’ll get to spend a peaceful day paddling around on the water with a friend. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Florida State Forests Annual Pass = $30

Spending time outside is food for the soul and an invaluable gift to be able to give to someone. So think twice before you buy that kitchen appliance that they’ll never use, or that shirt that they’ll never wear. Just remember: Having things is nice, but doing things is better.

Exploring a National Park for the first time with your best friend = Priceless

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  • Albert Dennison

    We have an annual pass with the U.S. Park Service and it is still good thru June of 2013. We plan to purchase one next year as well. A best buy for the money. It is a great deal!

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