Jeff told us all to go take a hike on New Year’s, and if you did you’d be participating in the CBS local DFW activity of the month!  According to this article hiking is the thing to do in January…at least in Texas!  If you live where I do, hiking in January amounts to snowshoeing, but hey, that can be fun too!

It’s resolution time and if yours is to get in shape or get healthier then hiking is a great way to get started.  All you need are some sturdy shoes and, this time of year, warm clothes!

To find hiking trails in your area, click here.

If you need information on gear and equipment, click here!

Me and Adelle's dog, Autumn, on hike in November at Devil's Canyon in Fruita, Colorado




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  • Jeff Barber

    Yes, January is definitely for hiking! The hardest part is just walking out the door into the cold air. Once you get moving it’s actually really nice to be outside this time of year.

    It rained all day here yesterday which meant our state parks had to cancel their First Hikes events. Did anyone manage to get to an official First Hikes event yesterday?

  • SarahHikes

    January is one of the best months for hiking in Florida. I plan on getting out as much as I can before it gets hot again!

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