(Photo from Pioneer Press: John Doman)

If you still need some motivation to get out and explore the winter world around you, have a look at what some folks are doing around the country.  In Minnesota Maja Beckstrom’s family rented a cabin at a state park and went cross-country skiing.  You can read all about her adventure here.

(Photo Credit:  Stephen Dunn, Hartford Courant)

In New England Peter Marteka finally got to see ice-falls in Granby, Connecticut.

Photo by Caroline Bauman

In Arkansas Caroline Bauman took a snow-less hike on the Pigeon Roost Trail in the Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area.

Photo from http://www.ebparks.org/parks/sibley.htm

Finally, way out in California, Sharol Nelson-Embry and her friends spent New Year’s Day hiking in the Sibley Volcanic Preserve, an East Bay Regional Park near Oakland.

All across the country people are shaking off that need to hibernate and getting outside!  Best of all, it seems as though they’re all having a blast.  What hikes have you taken this year?

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