Lots of interesting events and activities are popping up around the country this winter.

For instance, in Eagan, Minnesota, you can go hiking, skiing or snowshoeing by candlelight!  Often ski resorts have night skiing, but I think it’s interesting that even visitor’s centers are now getting in on unique winter activities like this.  They plan to have a nice toasty bonfire too!

In Columbus, Ohio, people just aren’t letting 20 degree temps stop them from hiking.  At the Clear Creek Metro Park, according to this article, over 500 people were out on Saturday enjoying the snow and the forest’s winter beauty.

Photo taken from www.dispatch.com

In Wisconsin, Point Beach State Forest has started offering winter camping which allows folks with RVs or even 4-season tents to camp in a way-less-crowded campground while hiking and cross-country skiing on groomed trails.

Photo taken from www.htrnews.com

Finally, boy scouts are getting a chance to learn all about survival in winter weather near St. Cloud, Minnesota.  An article in the SCTimes talks about the camping experiences and the skills the boys are learning.  They learn how to find their way in the woods, make shelter, and stay dry and layer appropriately.  I can think of worse ways to spend a winter weekend than learning to make a shelter in the snow!

Wherever you are, get out and enjoy some sunshine when you can, even if it’s 25 degrees out!

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