The MSR MicroRocket is designed so be ultralight, strong and compact and is a great addition to any backpacker’s pack. What initially appealed to me is how light this single burner stove is, coming in at just 73g (2.6oz) not including fuel canister weight. The stove easily folds up and is compact enough to store in the mug of my GSI cook set.








Included was a Piezo Ignition which allows for easy lighting every time no matter the conditions. The burner is designed with the WindClip™ which divides the stove into three sections keeping your stove lit without the need for extra (and bulky) wind protection.







MSR did a wonderful job engineering a stable design even with a full pot of water on top. Once lit your mini rocket will get to work boiling your water in just over 3 minutes (1L/sea-level/60°F). Using MSR IsoPro fuel, this stove burns about 1oz. of fuel per 2 liters of water boiled. Talk about performance!

What I love about this stove is the simplicity of its design. All you have to do is pull out the pot stabilizers, twist the burner onto the fuel canister and light; there is no need to pump or prime this stove which saves time, fuel and your eyebrows in the process. Overall this product gets full marks in my book!

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