Let’s face it – life isn’t always all fun and games. As adults we are forced to deal with all kinds of responsibilities and decision making. Sometimes when these things pile on top of each other we can get really stressed out. Stress is a very serious illness and can be the underlying cause to a host of different complications in our lives. It can do everything from change who we are as an individual to create serious physical ailments to our bodies.

People have been known to deal with stress in varying ways. Some resort to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. Some tend to overeat and gain weight. Some people won’t even feel like eating at all. All of these acts are extremely unhealthy and end up causing more problems than solving them. My favorite thing to do when I’m feeling stressed is go for a hike.

As a human race we are well adapted to living and surviving in nature. It has only been in the past few hundred years that urbanization has caused us to weed out spending time outdoors. Of course there are many great benefits to not having to cook all of our meals over a burning fire, or wash our clothes with water from a well, but there are also many benefits to be gained from connecting with nature.

Many studies over the years have shown the positive effects of even minimal exposure to nature on a regular basis. People working in windowless offices tend to be more unhappy than people working in buildings with good views of nature. Recovery times for people in hospitals can even be reduced by exposure to an outdoor view.

The bottom line is this – humans are as much a part of nature as animals are. We cannot live and be well without satisfying our body’s desire for natural surroundings. No matter what is going on in your life today, or tomorrow, or next week, you can always benefit from setting aside some time to enjoy the outdoors. Sometimes a good hike is all you need to clear your mind and feel rejuvenated.


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  • JohnH

    A hike a day keeps the doctor away!

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