Let me paint a picture.

It’s Friday. You just got home from work– a long day at work. It’s been one of those weeks where you kind of just want to go out into the wilderness, build a cabin out of a tree (My Side of the Mountain, anyone?) and hope that the IRS won’t find you to make you pay taxes. Or maybe that’s you all the time. Either way, you don’t have enough daylight to build a cabin, so why not settle for a quick walk and a waterfall?

It’s these kinds of days that keep me constantly on the search for beautiful, easily accessible waterfalls. And in the mountains of North Georgia we’re certainly not lacking. So if you find yourself in this area (and also in this precarious mental state) then check out a couple of my waterfall recommendations:

1. Desoto Falls

There are two parts to Desoto Falls, the upper and the lower falls. Pretty easy. The lower falls is .3 miles from the trail head and the upper is .75 miles. If you have to choose between the two, definitely go with the upper falls. It’s just my humble opinion, but it’s better. The walk to the upper falls starts off in a quiet campground, but slowly winds away as it follows Frogtown Creek up towards the falls. There are a couple of caution signs as you get closer, and then you’re propelled out onto the overlook.

You might even see a dog sit on a bench

My favorite thing about Desoto Falls is the lack of people. Maybe I’m just really lucky, or maybe it’s the $3 parking fee, but it’s always so peacefully quiet there. Perfect for a get-away.

2. Helton Creek Falls

I may have a soft-spot for this particular waterfall; it was where my husband and I had our first date. Ew, gross, I know–back to business. Helton Creek is located right past the parking lot for Blood Mountain, but the road leading down to it is a never ending dirt path. It will probably take you a good 20-25 minutes to actually get to the falls from the main road, because it’s that ridiculous. But, it’s totally worth it. Other people think so too, because this waterfall always has people at it. It’s never usually a huge crowd, but if you’re going for some alone time, you will be sorely disappointed.

No worries though, because you can bypass all of the tourists by climbing under the overlook, and swimming in the pool that collects at the base of the waterfall (another reason why I love this place). It doesn’t matter what time of year you go, the water will always feel like it’s coming from a hidden glacier. But that’s perfect for Georgia summers.

If you hit up some waterfalls but still feel like living in the woods and singing Society in an Eddie Vedder voice, then go for it. But I’m pretty sure that these waterfalls, or ones in your area, will be enough to cleanse your mind and prepare you for another work week. So go check out some falls close to you!


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