There are only a few areas of the country where rain is not a predominate force of nature that we have to deal with. Unfortunately, I do not live in one of them. Down here in Florida the rainy season is upon us and this year I’m prepared!

A good pair of rain boots is essential gear in any wet climate, whether you’re a hiker or not.  However, if you want to hike at all during the rainy season, rain boots or some kind of waterproof boots are a definite must. Last year (at the end of the rainy season) I bought a pair of boots made by Kamik. I had been waiting a whole season to test them out and finally got the opportunity last weekend.

We visited Colt Creek State Park just north of Lakeland. It’s a pretty small park located within the greater region of The Green Swamp Wilderness Preserve. The park is made up mostly of pine and cypress forests and open fields. There is a small lake for canoeing, kayaking, or fishing. There are also 12 miles of hiking trails and a primitive youth campground nestled in an oak hammock. Wildlife viewing is another good activity for the area. The most prominent creatures found within the park are fox squirrels, gopher tortoises, white-tailed deer, armadillos, wild turkey, bobcats, and all kinds of native birds.

This was our first visit to this park and we ended up renting some canoes first and going out to enjoy the lake. I figured this was a good way to really test out the waterproof feature of my new boots. Sure enough, I had no problem wading through the water to pull the boat in or hopping out of the boat to pull it ashore. The boots were completely waterproof.

Afterwards I hiked around the lake a little bit through some tall wet grass but felt safe from snakes and my feet stayed totally dry. I always hesitated to buy rain boots in the past because most of them are clunky, ugly, and uncomfortable. These boots from Kamik are none of the above. They are lightweight, have a sleek and stylish design and are very comfortable. I like to wear them with a pair of socks for some added cushion but there is a removable footbed inside which provides a decent amount of cushion if you wanted to wear them barefoot.

They are 12″ high so you can trek through some pretty deep water. Plus, they have a really nice sole which provides enough support that you can walk around in them for quite a while without your feet hurting. They’re also made in Canada and are recyclable, which is always a plus!

So far, I’m very happy with these boots. I plan to get a lot of use out of them. Whether I’m walking around my flooded yard, hiking through a wet trail, or pulling a boat to shore, they are going to come in very handy. Skip the cheap generic version and upgrade to these. I think mine are going to last for a long time and be well worth the money spent.

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