We’re excited to introduce new and improved topo map features on Tripleblaze.com including PDF downloads, elevation profiles for select hiking trails, and access via our mobile apps. The best part: access is totally free for Tripleblaze Co-op members and just $24.99 per year for everyone else. Read on to learn about our topo map features and to find out how you can join the co-op.

Interactive topo maps

Zoom and pan our gorgeous topo maps to find the details you need to plan your next hiking or camping trip. Our maps feature a proprietary mapping service built specifically for outdoor adventurers, not Google Maps or scanned USGS quads. Select maps also include downloadable GPS track and waypoint data.

Download or print

Download or print a PDF of any of our 12,000+ topo maps. Select PDF maps also include an elevation profile of the recommended route. Click here for a sample map.

Section maps

In addition to photos and reviews of each section of the Pacific Crest, Continental Divide, and Appalachian Trails, Tripleblaze also offers topo maps for each section including an elevation profile and shelter locations. [Shelter locations shown for the AT only.] Other trails like the Benton MacKaye, Colorado Trail, and Pinhoti Trail have been partially mapped or will be available soon.

Access to topo maps via free Tripleblaze apps (coming soon)

Co-op and paid subscribers will soon see access to interactive topo maps via our free iPhone and Android apps. These maps allow you to navigate the trail, plotting your position on the map as you hike (requires cell coverage). This is the same functionality currently offered in our paid apps.

Custom topo map generator (coming soon)

The custom topo map generator will allow you to create your own topo maps and choose from the Tripleblaze maps, USGS quads, or OpenLayers topographic maps. In addition you can generate PDFs based on your current zoom and location for the perfect adventure planning tool.

The Tripleblaze Co-op

So how do you access all these amazing topo mapping features on Tripleblaze? Earn a spot in the Tripleblaze Co-op! Tripleblaze awards points for your contributions: 3 points for new hiking trails, campgrounds, and caves; 2 points for maps and reviews; and 1 point for videos and photos. Once you earn 30 points, you’ll earn full access for an entire year! And as long as you’ve earned 30 points in the past year, you’ll have continuous access indefinitely. You can view your progress in your account dashboard.

If you’re in a hurry and need instant access OR don’t have time to contribute, that’s cool too. For just $24.99 a year you can get access too. Compare that to other sites that charge $49.99 for similar online products. Create an account or click the upgrade link in your account dashboard.

We’re really excited to offer these advanced mapping features–we know you’ll find them useful for your next hiking or camping trip!

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  • mtbgreg1

    So stoked to see these maps roll out, and especially for the co-op program! Getting access to all of these maps just for contributing to the database is a great deal, and a win-win for everyone!

  • kjspurlock

    This is so awesome. I can’t wait to print out a topo map and take it on my next hike! Thanks for rewarding your members!

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