The Looprope is a new twist on the old bungee cord. Created by Jeff Dahl in 2009, the Looprope was born of frustration from the age-old problem – “how can I tie down a tarp in a truck bed without the hassle of knots, and feet of tangled rope?”

The Looprope is composed of a 0.25in (6.35mm) looped shock cord tied down at several intervals to create – you guessed it – loops.

The Looprope comes in two sizes (3ft (0.9m) and 5ft (1.5m)) with a variety of colors (orange, gray, green, pink, purple, blue, tan, and green). It is available in several combo packs suited to specific applications such as utility, camping, hunting, and marine use.

The key features of the Looprope are, in fact, the loops. The loops at the end easily create hitch knots that are both secure and strong, while the intermediate loops allow for unlimited options for each application. Included with the basic 3 or 5ft rope are two stainless steel, heavy-duty, carabineer Loop-clips that makes the Looprope more versatile.

Almost any outdoorsman or woman would find a use for this versatile product, but backpackers would find the weight-to-use ratio to be a bit high, and leave this product at home.

While testing out the Looprope, I found that it is way more useful than your father’s bungee cords. If you want to see some creative uses, check out the Looprope website.

The loops created with the S-clip carabineers are safer than the traditional plastic or metal hooks found on regular bungee cords. The Looprope never comes undone and always holds tight.

While the Looprope is perfect on any float trip, RV trip, or even jobs around the house, I personally found that it earned my respect by helping keep my camp organized. I always like to have a clean camp, and I was excited to find a new organizational method by wrapping the Looprope around a large tree with the S-Clip and hang gear from the tree, safely out of the dirt and easy to find.

Bottom Line

The Looprope makes securing equipment quick and easy, and eliminates the need for knots, nasty tangles of unused ropes, and the danger of normal bungee cords. If you’re looking for an equipment-securing solution, look no further than the Looprope!

MSRP: $23.95

Many thanks to Looprope for providing their product for review!

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