The Windcatcher Air Pad team successfully raised nearly $150K on Kickstarter this month thanks to an innovative sleeping pad inflation design you probably haven’t seen before. The video below really speaks for itself but here’s the jist:

The Air Pad sports an oversized, one-way inflation valve you place *near* your face to inflate, and in just a few breaths the air mattress is full of air. It appears part of the magic is the lightweight material used for the mattress itself. Seeing the air pad in the video reminded me of opening up a garbage bag by pulling it through the air with just a couple shakes. The oversized valve seems to be built off a similar concept (though the video makes it sound a bit more scientific).

The other innovation here is the closure system that involves straps to keep the valve closed while you sleep. Clearly there’s nothing worse than a camp mattress that loses air as you sleep! The oversized valve also makes deflation quick and easy as well.

The company is set to sell the Air Pad for $120, though Kickstarter and other early backers were able to reserve theirs for $90.

Your Turn: Is the Air Pad truly as revolutionary as the video makes it look?

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  • kjspurlock

    This seems really cool, but I’d like to know more about this product vs a self-inflating pad. It seems like a self-inflating pad would still have this beat, you know, since you don’t have to inflate it at all.

    • Jeff Barber

      Yeah, but in my experience those “self-inflating” pads don’t really work as advertised (the guy in the video even uses one to make his point).

      Inside a Thermarest, for example, it’s basically just foam (http://stephenmlord.files.wordpress.com/2006/11/img_4134.JPG). That foam wears down over time and loses its ability to bounce back and self-inflate. The foam also adds to the weight of the pad significantly.

      • kjspurlock

        Wow! I didn’t know that. That’s really interesting!

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