Ever get tired of rummaging through your backpack, finding your stuff sack, and then pulling everything out onto the ground, all in an attempt to find one small piece of clothing? Yea, me too.

Gobi Gear aims to eliminate all of that needless hassle with the Hoboroll. Gobi Gear, inspired by nomadic Mongolian herders, aims to make products for people on the go. The Hoboroll provides both compression as well as organization, making traveling, backpacking, or… herding easier.


The Hoboroll is made ultimately for the convenience of its user. The individual compartment system with the double openings set it apart from other packs. There are five interior compartments that can be accessed from either end of the Hoboroll, which allows you to remain completely organized while out on the trail.

The system operates off of two pull-ties on either end of the stuff sack, and two tightening straps that cinch the bag in the middle.

The Hoboroll weighs 3.5oz, holds 19 liters, and comes in Alaskan Blue, Bristlecone Pine, or Sonoran Sun colors, all of which come with an optional monogram service.

Out on the Trail

The five internal compartments were a dream out on the trail. They made accessing items quick and painless–I was able to organize by both compartment and by side. For example, I would put put both my fleece and my rain jacket in one compartment, but on two different sides. So not only did I avoid completely unpacking the sack, I also avoided unpacking the whole compartment.

I included everything from clothes, to food, to lightweight shoes, and the Hoboroll was able to stand up to the test. The nylon material is very tough and durable–I wasn’t worried about tears at all. The strap system used to compress the pack is also very well designed. Both clips sit on one strap which functions as a loop. You attach the clips to their adjoining end and simply pull on each strap, which leaves the loop conveniently loose to use as a carrying device.

My first attempt at cinching the Hoboroll unfortunately ended in a broken clip. However, I contacted the company and they immediately sent a replacement, hassle-free. Gobi Gear claims, “It is our policy that we offer 100% satisfaction, regardless of whether it is a sample or purchase.” Their customer service was excellent.

My second attempt with the Hoboroll went without a hitch. The organization that the Hoboroll provided saved time and energy when I was out on the trail. And, as any hiker knows, time and energy are very precious.

Pros and Cons

What makes the Hoboroll great is clearly the organization it provides. The sturdy nylon material used for the Hoboroll, though resistant to abrasions and tears, leaves the bag somewhat hard to compress. It didn’t pack down as small as I would’ve hoped, and so probably takes up more space than other compression sacks. The slight difference in size is made up for by the excellent organization it offers, however. The time and energy I saved on the trail, because of the ease with which I could find things, was both helpful and important to me as a hiker and a backpacker.

If you’re looking to replace that messy old stuff sack of yours with a new, more organized system, then the Hoboroll is just what you’re looking for!

MSRP: $28.00

Many thanks to Gobi Gear for providing the Hoboroll for review. Also, thanks to Deep Creek PR for organizing this review.

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