While O’Haver Lake may not have been the most spacious campground that we stayed in over the course of our road trip, it has easily been the most beautiful to date! The tiny mountain lake of O’Haver is nestled among the gorgeous Colorado peaks, with 13,898-foot Mount Ouray towering over the entire campground, with the bald, treeless peak visible from every site.

The different views of Mount Ouray: morning light shining on Ouray as it rises above O'Haver Lake.

The sun beginning to set behind Ouray.

Day use area on the lake, with Ouray in the background.

Morning light on Ouray, with the peak shrouded in clouds.

At an elevation of over 9,200ft, this was easily the highest campground that we have stayed in thus far. In Oregon, Mount Bachelor was one of the tallest mountains around… and it only reaches an elevation of 9,068ft! Yeah, in Colorado we were camping at the elevation of some of the tallest peaks in Oregon… crazy!

The Sylvansport GO camper setup at O’Haver Lake.

The sites at O’Haver were clean and spacious, but there wasn’t very much privacy from the neighbors due to the lack of undergrowth at these elevations. On the other hand, the lack of undergrowth and sparse allotment of trees provided gorgeous views and easy access—you just have to take the good with the bad, I guess!

Amenities at O’Haver include the beautiful lake, vault toilets, potable water, and firewood sales. Campsites cost $17 per night.

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    This place looks amazing!!

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