The photo pages on Tripleblaze just got a makeover plus a ton of great features sure to excite serious photogs. Here’s the grand tour plus tips for uploading your photos to Tripleblaze (get hands on here).

Enlarged photos

Click on a photo to stretch to fit your browser window. You can even save the full-res photo to your computer in all its megapixel glory. The photo info box on the left side of the page lists the full-size dimensions.

Photo ratings

Not all outdoor photos are created alike; fortunately the internet enjoys awarding star ratings. Rate the photos you view to help us choose the best thumbnail for trail and campground pages.

Camera EXIF data

EXIF data is just a fancy acronym meaning “information about the camera configuration when the photo was taken.” So now you can see if that HDR photo was taken with a fancy DSLR or just an iPhone.

Geo-tagged photos

Ever wonder EXACTLY where a trail photo was taken? Well now you don’t have to! We’ve been saving location data for photos uploaded via our apps for a while and we finally managed to share that info in the form of a thumbnail map. You can even go back and geo-tag photos you uploaded previously.

Once we get a critical mass of geo-tagged pics, we’ll start to integrate those into trail maps as well.


Watch any photo and you’ll get notified whenever anyone comments on it or posts a positive rating.

More sharing options

Did you know you can upload photos to Tripleblaze and easily share them on forums and other websites? Yep, just click the share button then copy/paste the forum code. We also added buttons for sending your favorite shots over to Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

Upload tips

We added a few new fields to the photo upload form but also want to highlight some tips to make adding your photos even easier.

  • Quit uploading photos one at a time! When you click the “choose files” button you can shift-click to grab a bunch of photos at once.
  • Tags: add some descriptive words so others can find your photos. Optional.
  • Location: click to reveal a map for locating the spot where you snapped the pic. This is totally optional.

We’re really excited about the photo updates and hope you are too!

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