Growing up in Florida I grew accustomed to two things on any outdoor outing: sweat and mosquitoes. Recently, I found a new ally in combating both: the Haeleum Faran Technical T-shirt.

Haeleum Faran Specs

The Faran is lightweight (4.2oz/119g), and is made from fast-drying DryTru polyester , which provides exceptional wicking and breathability. The shirt also protects you with a 50 UPF sun protection rating. The Faran uses Insect Shield technology that will keep you bug free for the lifetime of the shirt, making it perfect for any outing that could be hampered by our six- or eight-legged friends.

Insect Shield® is an odorless insect repellent that lasts the lifetime of the shirt. It’s been on the market since 2003, when it was registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Permethrin, the active ingredient (commercially used since the 1970s in children’s lice shampoos and flea treatments for dogs, among other things), effectively repels mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, and midges (no-see-ums), making this the perfect year-round shirt no matter what insect season it is. Insect Shield’s process binds permethrin tightly to the fabric, repelling insects for up to 70 launderings, the expected lifetime of the shirt.

Out on the Trail

To test this shirt fully, I took it out on the trail, through the swamp, and out on the beach, to test the breathability, UPF shield, and insect shield. Summers here in South Florida can be brutal with high temperatures, humidity, and a ton of bugs that want your blood, so this shirt had a lot to prove to me. While wading through a cypress stand, I surprised to find that the Faran effectively keeps bugs off.

One problem I always encounter with other shirts is that when I sweat, the insect repellent spray I apply loses its potency, and I get attacked on my back, especially near my backpack straps. The Faran, however, keeps me dry and bite-free. After a few cycles in the laundry machine, I took it on a few more hikes with the same results–impressive.

Next was the UPF protection, and what better location than a beach hike?! I headed out for a day at the beach near Stuart, FL, and was surprised to find a limestone bluff that made for great bouldering. Who said you can’t rock climb in Florida? The Faran kept me burn-free and, again, provided excellent moisture wicking, making it feel at least 10 degrees cooler. The shirt also allowed for fluid movement as I boulder around on the limestone bluffs.

Bottom Line:

The Haeleum Faran would be useful year-round as a base later during colder months, or a T-shirt for the summer. The Insect Shield® effectively keeps bugs off, allowing you to really enjoy the outdoors. However, since the Insect Shield only protects skin covered by the fabric, additional repellent may be needed for exposed skin. In my mind, this shirt would be perfect for tick and chigger territory, as it provides better protection from those pesky little arachnids!

Overall, I am quite impressed, and would recommend this product to anyone who doesn’t like to get bitten.

MSRP: $34.99

Sizes: S to 3XL

Colors: Gypsum (pictured above), Cerulean, Carbon

Many thanks to Haeleum for providing the Men’s Faran shirt for review. Also, thanks to Deep Creek PR for organizing this review.

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