This past summer I had the chance to review the Sylvansport GO camper. In case you missed it, here’s my final review.

While the GO camper is amazing, for many regular Joes and Janes (myself included) the $8,000 price can seem hard to justify. Well, Sylvansport has listened to the consumers, and the new GO-easy is basically a slimmed-down version of the GO camper.

The GO-easy is designed to haul a ton of outdoors gear, from mountain bikes to kayaks to the kitchen sink, and to be ultra-portable and ultra-light. While the camper might not be the primary focus of the GO-easy as it is of the regular GO camper, you can definitely mount a small pop-up tent on it:

Best of all? MSRP for this made-in-the-United States product is just $2,495, and it’s currently available for pre-orders for just $1,995!

Check out the GO-easy website for more information!

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