There’s nothing like spending a few days in the wilderness with people who share a passion for adventure and the great outdoors!  This photo blog series depicts the photographs that I captured during a staff training backpacking trip in May of 2012 for Narrow Way Expeditions of Camp IdRaHaJe (Colorado). As a group, we backpacked through the Mt. Evans Wilderness and thoroughly enjoyed several days of backcountry experiences.  This trip was an unforgettable opportunity to enjoy some of Colorado’s many trails and to spend time in a pristine wilderness area!

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A beautiful view of cloud-capped peaks in the distance as we work our way over the mountain pass into the next ravine. It's views like this that make backpacking in the Rockies worth while and memorable...

Descending from the mountain pass down into a ravine in the midst of the Mt. Evans Wilderness area. Spirits were high here, as usual, and trail riddles occupied our trekking time during the day.

Every trip needs at least one decent portrait for memory's sake! While at a rest location, we took some spare minutes to gain a few portraits against the backdrop of the arid mountain landscape.

Hiking around near our second camping area... Pictured here are two of our group members (Damien & Pete) checking out a colorfully burned section of a tree that had been left standing nearby.

While near camp, we took some time to explore the local area... This is a unique photo of me kneeling next to a very impressive backcountry beaver dam. The beaver house can also be seen above the dam in this photo.

"Beaver carnage" as seen manifested in an obliterated nearby aspen grove. It was pretty neat to see the place that the beaver harvested the wood for the dam -- Dozens upon dozens of aspen stubs lined the bank of the stream.

Cheesy broccoli rice for dinner! Second dinner on the trail... One of our favorite things about backpacking is simply enjoying food and good times around the fire as night sets in and the starry hosts make their appearance.

Your turn: Feel free to comment or inquire if anything sparks your interest in these photo blogs!

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