There’s nothing like spending a few days in the wilderness with people who share a passion for adventure and the great outdoors!  This photo blog series depicts the photographs that I captured during a staff training backpacking trip in May of 2012 for Narrow Way Expeditions of Camp IdRaHaJe (Colorado). As a group, we backpacked through the Mt. Evans Wilderness and thoroughly enjoyed several days of backcountry experiences.  This trip was an unforgettable opportunity to enjoy some of Colorado’s many trails and to spend time in a pristine wilderness area!

Photo Blog: Backpacking in the Mt. Evans Wilderness, Part 1

Photo Blog: Backpacking in the Mt. Evans Wilderness, Part 2

Waking up on a cool mountain morning to the inviting warmth of the sun. Our Id-Ra-Ha-Je tents prove faithful and reliable for yet another trip!

Hiking near our third camping area toward the end of our trip in the Mt. Evans Wilderness. This photo was taken looking across a snow field during our ascent of a peak that we decided to hike in the early afternoon of the third day.

Damien, our Australian staff member, leading the hike up the nearby peak. Being late May, there were still several areas with a significant amount of snow, but very few sections of trail that were still snow-covered. Had it been a year with a normal level of wintry precipitation, we would have encountered far more snow crossings and traverses, especially on north-facing slopes.

A rather steep slope and a spectacular view of the Mt. Evan's Wilderness...

Traversing and descending after our afternoon hike... It was definitely worth the effort spent in return for a fantastic view and quality time with friends!

Camp card games later that night. It is amazing how useful a single deck of cards can be when it comes to backcountry entertainment and group bonding... We were also lucky enough to have a warm fire during one of the only periods of the spring/summer 2012 that was not restricted by a fire ban.

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