If you find yourself traveling with your backpacking or camping gear and stressing out over how to get your gear to your destination safely, you may want to check out the new Bear Grylls Yac Sac Expedition Duffel.


The BG Yac Sac is made of durable, heavy-duty PVC, which resists wear, tear, and whatever elements you may find on your next adventure. The main compartment is spacious with dimensions of 31×15.5×15.5 inches (80x40x40 cm), making it large enough for a fully-loaded 60L pack with room for boots and extra gear. The D-shaped lid is equipped with a 20-gauge zipper, offering easy access. A storm flap around the zipper keeps water from leaking in even if the meteorologist is calling for rain.

Two mesh pockets on either end of the duffel and one on the inside of the lid allow you to keep your gear organized inside. A zipper pocket on the outside lid provides the perfect place to store books, maps, a light jacket, or frisbee you may want to grab quickly.

On one side of the duffel a daisy chain makes it easy to clip or tie gear for quick access. Four compression straps with clips are found on each corner, allowing you to remove slack for a snug fit or tie down points. The oversized grab handles are a plus, as they make the Yac Sac easy to maneuver when fully loaded. The duffel was designed with integrated, padded, adjustable shoulder straps, which allow it to be carried as a regular duffel or as a backpack.


As Bear Grylls himself said when designing his extreme outdoor gear line, he wanted it to be robust. The Yac Sac more than meets this requirement. As soon as I received the Yac Sac in the mail, I felt as if this expedition duffel could get my gear to remote parts of the world while keeping everything safe and dry. The fabric is made out of PVC, which makes it water resistant and durable–more than surpassing my expectations when it comes to durability.

The oversized handles will make any baggage handler happy, as the duffel is very easy to grab with your overweight pack stowed safely within.

The main compartment is accessible through a large D-Shaped Lid that is almost the size of a 60L backpack.

In the past, I used to carry my backpack to the check-in line at the airport and then frantically try to fit my pack into an army surplus duffel, hoping everything would fit. Now, I pack my backpack in the Yac Sac and throw extra gear I need around my backpack, then zip it up – all at home or in the hotel, without added stress! The integrated (and padded!) shoulder straps turn this duffel into a backpack, making it much easier to carry than conventional duffels.

While testing out this product, I was most interested in how water resistant it was. Now South Florida may not fully understand what winter is, but we know a thing or two about rain! I strapped the Yac Sac to the top of my car and hit the road to test both the ability to resist water and the durability. After several hours of driving at speeds upwards of 70mph through a windy, rainy “cold” front, I was pleased to find that all of my gear inside was dry and ready to hit the trail! The oversized handles and compression straps made great attachment points for my roof rack, and the duffel looked as if it was ready for more action.

Final Thoughts

The Bear Grylls Yac Sac Expedition Duffel allows you to relax and enjoy your flight or ride with your gear stowed safely away. If you find yourself (a) traveling with your backpack and/or gear on every vacation or (b) turning into a nervous wreck at the thought of traveling with your backpack checked, the Yac Sac is well-worth the money. The durability and ease of use thanks to the shoulder straps make this a must-have for the outdoor adventurer, and they helped the duffel earn full marks and a ride on my next outdoor adventure.

MSRP: $109.99

Color: Black


Special thanks to Bear River International for providing the BG Yac Sac Expedition Duffel for review.

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