I recently had the chance to review a great new product from Orange Mud: The HydraQuiver.  The HydraQuiver is part of Orange Mud’s collection of running packs, and consists of a harness and 24 oz BPA-free water bottle.

The HydraQuiver pack fits comfortably with many layers.

When I arrived at the parking area of our local trails system today to test out the HydraQuiver by Orange Mud, I approached a few guys who looked like they too were headed out for a trail run.  I asked if one of them could take a picture of the pack for me and they agreed.  Then the questions started:

“Is that by Orange Mud?”

“Yeah, it’s the HydraQuiver pack.”

“Does it come in other colors, or is it only for girls?”

“Oh, it comes in lots of colors like orange, gray, and black.”

“What about gels?  Is there a place for those?”

“Indeed there is!”  This gave me a chance to point out this nifty feature on the straps:

The pack comes with a pouch on each strap perfect for holding a gel pack.

Before I was even out of the parking lot, it seemed I had these guys interested in getting an Orange Mud HydraQuiver of their own!

I headed down the snow-packed trail at a light jog.  After a few adjustments to the shoulder straps, the pack fit so nicely that I almost forgot it was there… until I needed water!

The water bottle pouch is rigid, so it’s easy to be on the move and reach back to grab your bottle without having to stop.  What’s even better is that you can return it to its pouch with the same motion.  I tried this jogging around the park recently, and I was able to keep jogging, grab the water bottle, squeeze out some water, and return it to its pouch, all without breaking my stride.

Retrieving the water bottle from its pouch and returning it is easy!

When you first put on the HydraQuiver, its best to leave about a thumb’s thickness under the straps.  You can adjust them as you start running if you need them tighter.  I wasn’t sure how well the pack would stay on with no chest strap, but it stayed in place whether I was running or walking.

Another great feature of the pouch is the zippered pocket behind the water bottle holder.  The pocket runs the width of the pack, so there’s actually a good bit of room:

In the roomy zippered pouch I stored my ID, some cash, keys, my iPhone, and a pair of socks.  There was still room for an energy bar.

In this photo, if you look above the water bottle holder at the edges of the straps, you’ll see an elastic band on either side.  These are great for stashing a t-shirt if you’ve gotten hot and don’t want to carry it, or for tucking a bandana or windbreaker.  I for one prefer to be hands-free when I’m hiking and trail running, so having a pack like this that gives me options for storage is great!

I often trail run, or run around a local park, on my lunch breaks, and I like having a pack that I can use for short trips.  It’s great to have water and a place to store my keys and phone.  Carrying my phone or a water bottle gets old quickly.

If you or someone you love is looking for a great little pack for trail running, or even for hiking, check this one out!  It’s lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use.

The HydraQuiver comes in a variety of colors, including this awesome hot pink!

MSRP: $84.95

Thanks to Orange Mud for sending over the HydraQuiver for review, and to Deep Creek PR for organizing this review.

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  • Greg Heil

    I’ve always had trouble figuring out what to use for short hikes, and this looks like a great solution!

  • mtbikerchick

    It really worked out well! I was worried that without a chest strap it might flop around a little, but it didn’t at all. It had plenty of room for my phone, a snack, etc. Definitely a great little pack to have around.

  • AJ Heil

    Looks like an awesome pack!
    Cool that it exceeded your expectations.

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