What better to do on a holiday afternoon than go enjoy a winter wonderland?  Beaver Brook Wildlife Area proved to be just that: a wild, white, wonderland!

With one of the highest snowfall seasons in the past decade, Washburn County is home to some of the best winter recreation trails in the entire state of Wisconsin.  Many miles of hiking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and snowmobiling trails populate the vast county forest and DNR-managed lands.   Included in these trail systems is a wildlife area named Beaver Brook.

At almost two thousand acres, the Beaver Brook Wildlife Area is a rustic, pure preserve of the Northwoods.  A collection of loop trails, short segments, and connectors populate the acreage of this forest preserve, with plenty of opportunities for hiking, snowshoeing, and skiing during the winter months!

Entrance to Beaver Brook Wildlife Area.

Hiking in Beaver Brook was beautiful! The snow-covered landscape was gorgeous and provided a muffled, peaceful environment to reflect on life and enjoy the natural surroundings.  I thoroughly enjoyed taking the time to hike for about a half an hour, covering only the equivalent of around one mile.  Unlike I had hoped, Beaver Brook’s trails had not yet been packed or blazed by snowshoers recently, so my hiking was through fresh snow for the entire time.  This kind of hiking results in fatigue quite quickly.  When planning to enjoy Beaver Brook’s trails during future winter seasons, I plan to pack snowshoes and/or cross country skis to make full use of everything that the trail system  has to offer!

Beautiful winterized forest lands. Much of the Beaver Brook reserve has larger trees and more majestic woods with flowages and other features.

With its significant acreage and rustic setting, I would highly recommend classical cross country skiing and snowshoeing at this location.  Printable maps of the trail system can be found here and include features, mileage, and other important details.  After talking with a local skier, I found out that the trails offer rolling hills, scenic lake views, and rustic forests. He highly recommended Beaver Brook for day trips and short jaunts for outdoor enthusiasts looking to escape from the busyness of life.

Cross country ski tracks leading down the trail in front of me. As with any ski trail and multi-use area, be careful to respect the grooming and tracks when they are present. As hikers and snowshoers, we should avoid trampling freshly groomed trails of XC skiing tracks such as these. Throughout the hike, I was careful to walk alongside the tracks, leaving 1-2 feet of buffer at all times.

The following clips includes two short segments of me beginning my hike into the winter wonderland.  I was unable to gain additional video, but will attempt to post more as I revisit Beaver Brook in future months…

You can view Beaver Brook’s general location by viewing this map and several other resources have been linked throughout this article, as well.  Happy trails, my friends!  Get out and enjoy these winter months 🙂

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  • mtbikerchick

    Looks awesome! Nice, quiet places for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are so nice to find 🙂

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