When it comes to telling the story of a business, Farm to Feet‘s story is hard to beat, especially if you, like me, have an unshakable love for high-quality merino socks. What could be better than wrapping your feet in soft, warm, moisture-wicking merino wool?

Well, how about if that wool was grown in the US, sheared in the US, and made into socks right here in the good ol’ U S of freedom-loving A? Just talking about these All-American socks makes me want to join a drum and fife corps.

Drummin' and fifein'

On top of that, Farm To Feet lets you know exactly who makes their socks. On their blog, they profile their workers, and bios of employees also appear on their packaging. You won’t see very many manufacturers taking that much pride in their work force. I love it.

All kidding aside, you can see more information on Farm to Feet’s supply chain on their website, but what are the socks actually like? Amazing is what they’re like.

Farm to Feet were kind enough to let me get my hands on a pair of their socks, and I can tell you they’re top-notch. They’re so warm and wooly I don’t want to walk around in them for fear of wearing them out. Maybe they’ll just be my going to bed socks. Yeah, I wear socks to bed. What’s up, ladies?

Check out some of their Traditional Hiker socks in these snazzy stripes.

Farm to Feet’s socks hover in the $20-23 region for their MSRP, and they can be found at a number of retailers both online and brick-n-mortar at http://farmtofeet.com/us-retailers/.

If you’re thinking that’s a bit steep for socks, just remember that most of us think nothing of spending lots more than that on a pair of hiking boots. If you have a pair of crap socks between your foot and that nice pair of boots, you’re invalidating all the research you did, not to mention the money you spent.

You owe it to your feet, America, to check out Farm to Feet’s socks. More than that, though, you owe it to the sheep. Do you think they’re running around naked for their health? They do it for ewe!

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  • Greg Heil

    Actually, $20 for merino wool socks is very reasonable… and add in the fact that this is 100% US Merino and US production, it’s even more incredible that they’re JUST $20-23.

    And I’m with you: there are very few things in life that can beat good socks!

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