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The section of trail depicted in this photoblog spans from right before the CCC Camp to a primitive campsite across from Moody's Landing. The black "X" right above the parking lot symbol marks where we took lunch and rested for awhile. The circled "X" in the upper right marks our first campsite on the trail.

Nearing the CCC Camp (located directly to the east of the interstate). At this point, hikers need to cautiously cross four lanes of traffic and a railroad track to resume their hike on the Black Creek Trail.

Similar signage can be found near major road-crossings along the Black Creek Trail. Entering the National Forest at these points always came as a warm welcome.

Beautiful pine forests to hike through near the interstate crossing. This area offered a great feel and pleasant hiking in an area away from the Black Creek waterway.

Erica -- Excited and ready to go for another segment of trail! High morale and fun times 🙂

Our outdoor program supplies high-quality Deuter backpacks for all participants on these adventure excursions. These packs rank perfectly for both beginning and experienced backpackers on weekend to week long trips.

Hiking through tall pine forests on the Black Creek Trail. Very cool scenery and definitely different than the first leg of trail! We enjoyed the unique environment and rolling, forested hills through these areas.

Me (AJ) standing next to a tattered and faded sign marking the Black Creek Trail near one of the road crossings in this segment. Glad to be out on trail and enjoying Mississippi!

Even in early January, we managed to see and hear a good deal of wildlife throughout the hike. I imagine that the trail receives a large increase of activity during the warmer months! It would be very cool to revisit in late spring to witness the "awakening" of the forest.

Continuing our hike into the forest away from the busyness of the interstate.

Mid-afternoon hiker naptime? Sometimes, there's nothing better to do in such pristine nature than eat lunch and rest for awhile 🙂

View of the canopy during our rest stop. Nearing 2:00pm EST, we took time to eat a late lunch and enjoy the serene stillness of the pine forest.

On the trail again and enjoying yet another type of environment. Beautiful pine forests with a transition to low-lying brush and grasses.

Typical landscape and forest that can be seen from the trail about a mile or two east of the CCC Camp. This was a beautiful area for our group to hike through!

Later on in our hike, we ran into a local hiker named "Easy Step" that shared stories and small talk with us for quite some time. Learning more about his story, we found that he had previously thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail, earning the title "Easy Step" having only tripped once on his entire journey over the Appalachian Trail. He was kind enough to take our photo and spend some time encouraging us in our adventure!

One of the many road crossings along the trail. The Black Creek Trail passes over several paved roads and a significant amount of dirt/gravel roads with some segments even following stretches of road for up to a mile.

Emily and Ericha enjoying their time on the trail!

One of the many creek crossings along the trail. This one happened to have a foot-bridge spanning a small gulch. Many of these bridges can be found along the trail, but travelers should be wary as they can become VERY slick with humidity and a coating of vegetation (like algae).

Finishing our hike for the day with some small inclines. The trail leads back toward the creek in this section where some pre-established primitive campsites near the riverbank.

View of our camp right after daybreak. Backpacks covered with rain-flys and tents with a coating of melting frost.

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