It was back in the stone age times, when I was a Boy Scout, that I learned about base layers. Back in those days we just called it “long underwear” or “long johns,” but the idea was the same: clothes that go under your clothes for the purposes of added warmth.

The idea may be the same today, but the materials and performance thereof most certainly are not. Base layers have come a long way and are a sizable industry. Anyone who has taken a peep at the cost of your average merino wool base layer knows it’s big money. Just thinking about the cash I’ve laid out for my nice warm wool gives me a serious wallet ache.

So, let’s say you own a company that’s been making wool underwear for over a hundred years, say, like the Indera Mills company founded in 1914. You notice that there’s a big market for wool clothes for active people. You might just think to yourself, “hey, I bet we can do that.”

Well, that’s what they thought, and that’s what Indera Mills decided to do. They formed the Coldpruf brand to bring their performance minded base layers to market. I was lucky enough to get a gander at their offerings in their booth at Outdoor Retailer.

Here’s their silk weight merino base layer, which weighs in at just 5oz with a MSRP around $64, which is nice considering similar base layers from other manufacturers tend to hover closer to the $80 mark.

And here’s what that base layer looks like if you happen to put it on an idiot. Sorry, Coldpruf, I don’t know how to model (or clean mirrors, apparently).

Terrible modeling aside, I can tell you that this base layer is so soft it feels like I am wearing a cloud. I bet it would look really good on someone who doesn’t have hips like a pregnant yak.

In addition to my new love for Coldpruf’s comfortable merino, they’re looking strong in the running for my Coolest USB Key Press Kit of Outdoor Retailer 2014 award. Just look at this thing!

I’m a fan.

If you are looking for a light merino base layer to bump up your warmth game, take a look at Coldpruf’s offerings. You can find a retailer that carries their stuff here: http://www.coldpruf.com/retailers. There are both online and in-person stores.

As for me, I’m hoping Dude Who Resembles a Preggo Yak is a category in modeling. Does anyone know? I could use some extra cash.

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