Life around camp can’t get any better than lounging around in the Bear Grylls Hammock with hanging kit. This hammock is a must-have piece of camp furniture for anyone who wants a slice of paradise, no matter where you set up camp.


The BG hammock is part of the Bear Grylls extreme outdoor gear product line and comes in two models: the basic hammock without a bug net retailing for $49.99, or with bug net for $59.99. Both include a simple hanging kit that makes setup a breeze.

The entire hammock and hanging kit comes in at 1lb 10oz (700g)–perfect for around camp or even on a backpacking trip. Worried about adding weight to your pack? Half of the weight (13oz/368g) of this kit is the hammock and the other half is the hanging kit. Simply pack some rope, practice a few basic knots, and leave the hanging kit at home for a lightweight sleeping alternative.

With hanging dimensions of 120x60in (305×152.4cm) this hammock is perfect for those of us who are on the taller side, and it leaves plenty of room to move around. 70D-210T Nylon fabric allow this hammock to hold up to 375lbs (170kg) of weight, while also being soft to the touch, breathable, and quick drying.

A useful feature of this hammock kit is that it comes stowed within a draw string stuff sack that acts as a storage compartment when hanging. The included hanging kit is comprised of adjustable webbing that you simply loop around your anchor points and clip in with the two carabiners (included) for a simple, yet sturdy, hang.


The BG Hammock comes in two models: one with an integrated bug net and the other without. I would suggest getting the hammock with the bug net if you plan on sleeping in the hammock, especially in mosquito country. Otherwise, the regular hammock is perfect for lounging around at home, on the trail, or in camp.

I had the opportunity to try out the BG hammock without the bug net and had a hard time getting out of it to write up this review! The fabric is soft to the touch and doesn’t feel sticky if you are wet or sweaty. The strong 70D-210T Nylon resists tears and dries relatively quickly out in the field. While the hanging kit does double the weight, it is well-worth the weight as it is quick, simple, and keeps you hanging in the trees all night. Simply loop the webbing through the loop and clip the hammock into the metal attachment loop, adjust to the right tension, and you are off to an afternoon or night of Zzzz.

While testing out this product I spent several afternoons hanging on the balcony watching the clouds float by, lounging by the beach, and testing the limits of the BG Hammock out on the trail. While on the Florida Trail in Big Cypress National Preserve I enjoyed the freedom to set up camp wherever I had two trees–a valuable feature when dry land is a hard to find. Setup was a breeze and once inside, I was comfortable. However, I cannot stress enough that the integrated bug net model is a plus, especially in mosquito country, and well-worth the extra $10 in the long run.

Bottom Line

The basic hammock is great for around camp or day hike siestas, but a bug net is a must, especially in mosquito country. This is a quality hammock and competitively priced. The hanging kit does double the weight but can easily be left at home if you pack some rope. The only downside to this hammock is explaining to your boss why you were taking a nap in front of work during your lunch break. My excuse: “These are the only trees I could find.”

MSRP: $49.99

Special thanks to Bear River International for providing the BG Hammock for review. Beargryllsstore.com

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