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The section of trail depicted in this photoblog spans from a primitive campsite right across from Moody's Landing to another primitive campsite about two miles from the Highway 29 crossing. The circled, blue "X" in the upper left marks our first campsite on the trail. The circled, blue "X" in the lower right marks our second campsite out on trail. Both had fantastic water sources and provided us with great camping areas and pre-established firepits.

319G road crossing during our hike on the second day of our backpacking trip.

Heading east of 319G, making our way back through the forest toward the Black Creek riverway. More double-track trails and beautiful pine forests!

Nearing the Black Creek, we took a break to enjoy lunch and pump water from a fantastic little creek along the trail. This bridge is an example of what some of the best walking bridges on the trail are constructed like. Our group was able to rest, refill on fresh water, bandage our battle wounds, and enjoy the warmer weather during midday.

Pumping water and stretching the legs at the same time! Oh the backpacking life...


Although this one wasn't very significant, there are many spiders to be found on this trail! Some of them are worth being aware of and researching before backpacking for an extended period, but most are completely harmless. When at camp, be sure to shake out your boots and to check other warm, dark, and damp places.

Katie, my co-leader for the Black Creek Trail trip. Backpacking portrait in the sunlight 🙂

Kyle and Erica posing next to a cypress swamp in a backwater area of the Black Creek. The trail does have flooding that occurs seasonally (usually in the springtime) and hikers should check weather reports to forecast trail conditions.

Although we only ever saw one person while hiking the trail, we managed to run into several hunting dogs along the way. This one followed us calmly for quite some time, even though we did nothing to attract it or show affection. During hunting season, hiking is still allowed and encouraged, but be sure to wear blaze orange on your pack and/or head.

At camp for the second night on trail! Enjoying a small fire on a cool evening is one of the greatest pleasures after a long day backpacking....


Dinner for the night was "toasted" pita pizzas! Katie prepares her masterpiece with some prime pita pizza ingredients. (Recipe to come!)


About to enjoy a well-cooked and loaded pita pizza!... The night at this site was very enjoyable, but the hammock-sleep was interrupted by some unexpected rain during the middle of the night. Even so, our group was ready to go for another full day of hiking in the morning!

Stay tuned for Part 4!

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