Just because the meteorologist calls for temperatures bellow freezing doesn’t mean you can’t spend the night out on the trail. The Bear Grylls Endure Series Mummy Bag is perfect for frigid nights.


The Endure Series of mummy bags, in my opinion, defines the Bear Grylls Extreme outdoor gear line. This bag was designed to be lightweight and comfortable down to zero degrees Fahrenheit  (-18 Celsius) with custom fits for both men and women.

Endure series bags are made with a tough 40D 280T dobby nylon outer shell and a 50D 310T polyester inner lining, meaning they are built to last with durable, rip-stop fabric that is both lightweight and soft to the touch. The true magic of this bag is the 1000G duck down that keeps you warm all night. The duck down insulation makes the Endure Mummy bag extremely compressible compared to its synthetic counterparts on the market.

Zipper pocket on inside with draft collar around the base of the hood.

Packed with tons of features, the Endure series offers excellent performance and incredible comfort, which is essential after a cold day out on the trail. The Endure series bag only weighs 4lbs (1814g) for the Men’s and 3lbs 13oz (1729g) in the Women’s, and is the lighter of the two zero-degree bags offered by BG.  That is a big bang per ounce!

Compression sack included

Anti-Snag reversible zippers are a godsend for quickly getting out of bed if you forgot your pee bottle, or for ventilation if you get too hot at night. Another plus is that the men’s and women’s bags zip together… I am assuming to conserve body heat in a survival situation. We will see if that is necessary on our upcoming snowshoeing trip.

Anti-snag zipper

The hood is comfortable and big enough for the BG Pack it Pillow, and is also outfitted with a draft collar to keep your core warm. Simply tighten the draw cords for the collar and hood, and you are off to your warmest sleep this winter.

Note draft collar on inside to the left

How many times have you been in a sleeping bag only to feel the cold seeping through the zipper? These bags are outfitted with a full-length zipper draft tube that keeps your valuable body heat trapped right where it needs to be.

Perfect place for your must have gear

Inside the bag is a 6.5x5in (16.5×12.7cm) internal zip pocket that is perfect for storing night time essentials, such as a headlamp or lip balm and maybe your mobile phone if you dare take it on your adventure.

Moving on down to the feet, the foot box is articulated, allowing plenty of room even if you are bigfoot.

Foot-hanging loops are also a plus for hanging your bag out to dry and maintain optimum loft. Included is a compression sack, but there are lighter-weight options on the market.

Initial Thoughts

Overall, this is a very high-quality sleeping bag! From the stylish color scheme to the soft, welcoming fabric I quickly found myself testing out this bag at home. The down filling works extremely well for retaining body heat while reducing pack bulk, and I found myself sweating up a storm in just a few minutes.

I honestly cannot wait for our up coming winter trip to see how these bags stand up towards the lower end of the thermometer. Keep an eye out for a full review and trip report!

MSRP: $349.99

Color: Grey/black outer shell, orange inner lining.

Special thanks to Bear River International for providing the Endure Series Mummy Bag for review.


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