Want to record your epic adventures in style?  The GoScope Extreme provides a unique way to save and share memories with GoPro cameras.

GoScope Extreme 2X Telescoping Pole (Photo Credit: GoScope)


With GoPro cameras exploding in popularity over the past 10 years, other innovations have come along to help equip GoPro users with additional resources for video production.  The GoPro pole line by GoScope is one of the most instrumental branches of accessories that I have ever encountered.  It includes two different kinds of telescoping poles and a smaller hand grip pole for closer, highly-controlled shots.

When gearing up with GoScope, I had the privilege of reviewing their dual-telescoping pole called the GoScope Extreme. This product has exceeded my expectations and quickly become a staple in my videography arsenal!


The GoScope extreme is compatible with all GoPro clip-mounts that come standard with every camera in the GoPro product line.  Cameras simply clip into a fixed mount on the far end of the GoScope Extreme.  The greatest strengths of the GoScope’s mounting system is the ability to clip the camera facing either way, both forward and reverse.  Also, the GoScope features two mounts on the far end of the pole, one on either side of the flat head.

The GoScope Extreme is unique in the GoPro Pole series because of its dual-telescoping feature.  The pole has two twist-tightening points, much like other tripods or monopods, that allow for variation in the total length of the GoScope from 17 to 37 inches. This feature allows for a high level of customization of angles, viewpoints, and depth in video recording. I have yet to run into any issues with the quality of the telescoping feature–it always seems rock-solid.

The telescoping action is a highlight of the GoScope Extreme!

Mt. Bohemia Powder Day: GoPro HD Hero 2 with GoScope Extreme (37″)

When initially examining the GoScope Extreme, I was somewhat wary of the rubberized handle, as it seems very plain and without design detail.  Having tested it throughout the past two months, I have come to realize that the construction of the handle is actually quite fantastic!  Even though the handle is a basic, rubberized grip, its quality is very durable and the smooth design provides adaptability to many different kinds of activities and uses.

The last feature to note is the strap on the bottom of the handle.  This GoScope strap provides adjustable lengths and the ability to tighten it around your wrist or a different external point.  I found the strap to be amazingly useful when participating in and recording adventure activities such as downhill skiing, rock climbing, canoeing/kayaking, and diving. The strap and its adjustments always prove useful in a variety of situations, and the rubberized sheath on part of the strap gives it sound structure, keeping the loop open even when it is not being used.


Over the past two months, I was able to test the GoScope Extreme in a variety of conditions and environments:  fresh powder days, sub-zero temperatures, underwater in hot springs, long days on the river, backpacking 100 miles through the wilderness, competitive rock climbing events, and many others!

After all that I’ve been through with this GoPro pole, I feel very comfortable vouching for its durability in the backcountry, frontcountry, and indoor settings.  The GoScope Extreme is a well-crafted tool in terms of durability and build-quality.

Perhaps the most positive critique when it comes to durability is that the GoScope Extreme is forged out of aluminum and poly-carbonate, and weighs only six ounces!  For a frequent hiker and backpacker, this mere six-ounce addition was a welcomed surprise.

Backpacking the Juniper Prairie Wilderness: GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition with GoScope Extreme (30″)


The GoScope Extreme is a durable, quality-built telescoping pole that can be used to mount one or two GoPro cameras for recording unique viewpoints and everyday GoPro video angles more efficiently.

It has proven itself to be a useful tool for serious videographers and a creative resource for recreational enthusiasts.  I think that the GoScope is a premier piece of gear that every GoPro owner should consider investing in with a long-term focus. You’ll see my GoPro cameras on a GoScope pole about 70-80% of the time that I use them!

MSRP: $59.95

Juniper Springs Underwater Footage: GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition with GoScope Extreme (17″)

Many thanks to GoScope for providing the GoScope Extreme for review. Also, thanks to Deep Creek PR for organizing this review.

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  • Greg Heil

    I love the videos. Great review!

    • AJ Heil

      Thanks Greg! I’m glad that you liked it!

      I’ll continue posting media gathered using the GoScope as I’m sure it will continue to be a primary piece of gear in my arsenal!

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