Looking for an affordable addition to your backcountry gear? The Ledge Sports Scorpion 2 may provide some unexpected benefits for you at a low price!

The Scorpion 2 has a retail value of $119 but can be found around $88 on several retail websites. (Photo Credit: Ledge Sports)

The Scorpion 2 is an “ultralight” tent produced by Ledge Sports that currently retails for around $90 via most gear websites (MSRP: $168.95).  The tent has some necessary features such as quality water-proofing, an included rainfly, gear loft, vestibules, and setup materials (stakes, poles, cord). In addition to necessary features, some more luxurious aspects of the Scorpion 2 include glow-in-the-dark zippers, a good ventilation system, copious amounts of room, a compression sack with buckled straps, and interior mesh pockets.

Scorpion 2 (vestibule draped, not staked)

Durability & Build-Quality

Having purchased this tent at a very reasonable price, I wasn’t expecting to have a high-end product with stellar quality.  However, the Scorpion 2 has scored quite well!  The tent has proven to be very durable, and I have had no issues.  The tent zippers and seams have held up well, and I have yet to see signs of wear (after about three week-long trips).

The only potential issue with this tent is the compression sack.  After using it for a couple of months, the buckles feel as if they are quite weak and may break if significant force is applied.  While any compression sack is only made to go so tight, it would be nice to be able to apply more force and to have the buckles and straps retain that tension.

Scorpion 2 in compression sack compared to a regular-sized jar of peanut butter and a two-person all-season ALPS tent. The Scorpion is just small enough to fit in a backpack and pack around. Many owners of the Scorpion 2 strap it to the outside of their pack much like a large sleeping pad.

Pros vs. Cons

The weight of the Scorpion 2 qualifies in a light-weight category, but likely not “ultralight.”  It weighs in right over 5 pounds.  In my opinion and experience, tents start to breach the utlralight category when they reach the 2-4 pound range.  With this said, the tent is still ideal for most backpacking trips for both the seasoned veteran and beginning trail enthusiast.

One thing that I did not realize when buying the Scorpion 2 is that the windows are completely mesh with no zipable covering.  This cuts down on weight and fabric, but makes it so that the Scorpion 2 realistically ranks as a three-season or two-season tent.  With completely mesh windows, the Scorpion 2 does have a great air flow, but doesn’t allow for much adaptability when temperatures begin to drop.  However, even with the windows being mesh, I’ve used the Scorpion in temperatures below freezing and have remained relatively comfortable.

Photo shows the mesh windows and ventilation system of the Scorpion 2.

The benefits of the Scorpion 2 are its affordability, compact size and weight, and ease of setup.  With no help, I am able to setup the Scorpion 2 in around five minutes.  With another person assisting, it becomes significantly easier and even faster!

Bottom Line

The Scorpion 2 is the perfect tent for a beginning backpacker or outdoor enthusiast looking to save money and have a quality tent on hand for occasional trips!

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