We’re excited to announce a new Tripleblaze feature today called Tracker. Tracker allows you to sync GPS apps (like Strava) to your Tripleblaze account to log, record, and track your hikes.

Why should I log my hikes?

For starters, logging your hikes can be fun! Taking photos is a great way to remember your trip, but so is looking back at a map of your route or a list of the trails you hiked during the year. And unlike taking photos, logging a hike with a GPS or smartphone is completely passive–just hit record at the beginning of your hike and end it when you’re done.

Why should I push my hiking logs to Tripleblaze?

Tripleblaze is an online community of hikers and backpackers who are looking for the best places to visit. When you share your hiking logs via Tracker, we use that data to:

  • Add trails to your “My Trails” list.
  • Check you in at the trailhead. Earn digitalĀ badges based on the places you visit.
  • Update trail conditions, calculate average hike times, and build lists of the most popular trails.
  • Create maps of recommended routes.

Will this take a lot of effort on my part?

Absolutely not! We’ve been refining this system for a couple years now based on what we’ve found works on the trail. We hate messing around with apps on the trail as much as you do, so we’ve made the process as painless as possible.

  1. Sign up for a free account with a compatible Tracker service provider (for now, that’s Strava).
  2. Connect your Tripleblaze account with your service provider (one-time only).
  3. Use your service provider’s app and website to track your hikes. Tripleblaze will automatically pull in the details about your hikes each day.
  4. We’ll send you an email after each hike asking you about the trail conditions or, if the spot where you hiked isn’t on Tripleblaze yet, we’ll ask you to give us a few details about the trail.

How much does this cost?

Nada. In fact, by sharing data about your hikes, you can earn a free Tripleblaze topo map subscription worth $25.

As you’re gearing up to get back on the trail this spring, take a minute to set up Tracker so Tripleblaze can help you get the most out of your hikes!

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  • JohnH

    Looks cool. Makes me want to skip work and hit the trail!

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