Just in time for Spring, we’re excited to announce the Tripleblaze Trail Challenge, a fun way for hikers and backpackers to track the trails they hike! Check in at the trail each time you hike and earn digital badges while you compete with yourself and others to earn the most badges.

How do I check in at a trail?

There are two ways you can check-in at a hiking trail:

  1. Using the free Tripleblaze mobile app. Click the check-in button on the app’s home screen and select the trail you’re hiking (you’ll need to be at or near the trailhead). If the trailhead doesn’t have cell service you can still check in. Just select “Offline check-in” and when you’re back online, we’ll ask you to complete the check-in.
  2. Using Tracker. We’ll attempt to automatically check Tracker users in based on their route data. This is a good option for those who don’t hike with a smartphone but do carry a GPS they later connect to Strava.

How do I earn digital badges?

Each badge has its own requirements; click on any badge to find out how to earn it. For example, to earn the Trail Explorer badge, check in at 30 unique hiking trails. To earn the California Hiker badge, check in at any trail in California. And to earn the White Blazer badge, check in at 2 sections along the Appalachian Trail.

The Ranger Badge is awarded to the Tripleblaze member who has hiked a particular trail more than anyone else. Unlike other badges, this one can be stolen by another member by simply visiting the trail more than the current badge holder.

The Pioneer Badge is awarded to the first member to check in at a particular trail. Initially it will be easy to earn this badge but as the challenge progresses, it will become more and more difficult to be the first to hike a trail as the more accessible routes get snatched up. So get on this one early!

How do the leaderboards work?

Each badge has its own leaderboard to let you know who has earned the badge the most times. Many badges–like the individual state badges–can be earned more than once, so keep logging your hikes to stay on top!

How many badges are available?

Today we’re launching with almost 100 badges, and we’ll be adding new badges as the challenge progresses. Some promotional badges may include physical prizes awarded to badge earners, so pay attention to the Tripleblaze blog and our social media channels to find out about the latest badge additions.

Where can I view my badges?

Here. We’ll also post a note to the news feed whenever you earn a new badge. You know, so you can rub it in. 🙂

We’re excited about the Tripleblaze Trail Challenge and can’t wait to see where everyone hikes this year! Hiking isn’t the most competitive activity–which is mostly a good thing–but our hope is to add just a little good-natured competition to keep things interesting on the trail!

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