When it comes to outdoor equipment, Eagles Nest Outfitters, or ENO, has got leisure covered.  I have recently joined the masses and taken ownership of an ENO hammock, a nice adult crib to hang in the trees. Paired with a set of sturdy Atlas Suspension Straps, the worries of the modern world float away in the breeze.

ENO offers many different hammock style and size options, but I dig my new DoubleNest, and here is why:

1. The roominess.

The DoubleNest offers ample space for you to stretch out and full on-laze. Feel free to spread your legs and wrap yourself in its comfortable, breathable nylon, or share it with another person who is lucky enough to be invited to your lazy afternoon. Specifically, the hammock measures in at 9ft 4in in length by 6ft 2in in width.

2. The durability.

This baby is sturdy and well-made. With each stitch, there are two more right beside it, a triple stitch-line ensuring that if one stitch falls out somewhere during your adventures, there are two more that will carry through. On top of which, the end of each ENO is fastened to a heavy-duty aluminum wire gate carabiner with a maximum weight of 400lbs.3. The capacity.

Each Atlas Strap, made of polyfilament webbing, can hold the weight of 200lbs, meaning a 400lb distribution throughout the hammock, which is the same as the carabiners. Though it is not recommended to hang the hammock more than 18 inches off the ground for safety’s sake, the strength and stability of the straps and caribiners ease the worried mind. Let me add one more perk to the Atlas Straps: they measure 9ft in length and are 1in wide, meaning they can bridge a surprisingly wide gap between two trees.

4. The ease of setup.

All ENOs are incredibly easy to set up. As shown in the picture above, each Atlas strap has one end with a lone loop and the other with 15 separate loops, offering adjustable lengths to hook your carabiner for close trees or far trees, and fat trees or skinny trees. Heck–find two posts, slide the 15-looped end through the one-looped end, pull it tight, and voila- you have yourself a hammock hanger. Link your carabiner to one of the 15 loops that best fits your hanging needs, and you are ready to rock!

5. The light weight.

The DoubleNest ENO itself weighs in at 20oz, and the Atlas Straps weigh 11oz. All told, you’re not adding too much weight to your hiking pack. Plus, the ENO  tucks nicely into it’s attached pouch (see reason #6  why I love my ENO) and the straps come with their very own sack. The hammock even comes equipped with a clasp, so if you want to latch your strap sack onto your hammock sack, its a synch. The two become one. Could you ask for more convenience?

6. The pouch. I love the pouch. Not only does the ENO come neatly wrapped in a 4in x 5in sack, but when you pull out your ENO for the first time, you will notice that said sack is actually attached to the hammock, meaning two things:

1. You will NOT lose the sack, and will easily be able to tuck your hammock safely away when it is time to get back on the trail.

2. While you’re lazin’ in your hammock, you have a great place to store your water, book, keys, etc. so you won’t lose anything during your nap. Whoever thought of this feature nailed it!6. Did I mention it’s washable?

Let’s be honest, tromping around in the dirt and mud on a trail is exciting. I myself appreciate some good muddy shoes at the end of a hiking jaunt or camping excursion, because it means I’ve been experiencing the wilderness. When it comes to lazing about, however, who wants to curl up in material that smells like last year’s dirty socks? Ok, maybe some people, but in that case, have a little respect for your fellow ENO chillaxer lazing just a few feet away from you. Machine wash it in cold water, throw it back out on the trees, and maintain that “fresh.”

The only rule to using this ENO DoubleNest hammock is this, knitted right inside the side pouch:

7. The number of options.

The final question before you buy: what color are you going to get? One of the coolest side-benefits of the ENO brand is that you can truly be yourself. With 28 different color combinations, you can pick the color that tickles your fancy, not just that of the manufacturer.

Better yet, if you’re the sort who wants to contribute to a cause, ENO is currently offering a special-edition Appalachian Trail DoubleNest hammock and will soon be adding the option to purchase a Pacific Crest Trail edition. With the purchase of one of these special edition hammocks, ENO will contribute $10 to the respective trail, in an effort to assist in the maintenance and preservation of their beauty. For all the details, check out my previous TripleBlaze article titled “ENO Asks: PCT or AT? Support your trail!

This is a review right? I’m supposed to provide out the pros AND the cons of the ENO hammock to provide a true representation for the hiker/camper who is looking to buy the best hammock on the block? Well here’s the truth: I honestly cannot find a con. Peter and Paul Pinholster, brothers and creators of ENO, have been designing and selling hammocks since 1999, and, at least in my opinion, they are experts in the field of outdoor relaxation.

I love my ENO DoubleNest and I daresay, you might too. Go check out their site: www.eaglesnestoutfittersinc.com. Enjoy!

While you’re doing that, I’ll be doing this:

MSRP: $69.95

Thanks to ENO for providing the DoubleNest for review!

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