Have you ever been frustrated when packing for a camping, backpacking, mountain-biking, or hiking trip?  Maybe you’ve had issues figuring out what to pack, how to organize it, or where to put it all? As recreationalists, we are always looking for a way to travel with less weight and size to our luggage.  I believe that the Hoboroll boldly aims to provide a solution for many of our packing quandaries!


The Hoboroll is a durable, lightweight compression sack that can be used to pack a wide variety of items more efficiently. The Hoboroll offers multiple features that make it an ideal addition to the gear set of many outdoor enthusiasts and travelers.


Durability & Build-Quality

The Hoboroll provides exceptional fabric quality with 840D nylon and five compartments with a smooth nylon interior.  The buckles and plastic pieces seem to be high quality, and provide confidence in terms of longevity and use.  However, my one issue did arise when using the buckles and ensuring adequate tension is held for a tight bundle of clothing: the first buckles that came stock on the Hoboroll kept releasing under pressure, but Gobi Gear, the maker of the Hoboroll, sent over some new buckles that have been performing better. Also, Gobi Gear is responding to this need with new rumors of an improved Hoboroll equipped with metal clasps and some powerful upgrades.  That being said, the product still definitely meets most durability requirements in terms of recreational use, with a medium amount of force exerted on the buckle system.


Feature: Internal Compartments

Probably the most innovative function of the Hoboroll is its five internal compartments that can be used flexibly and independently for a variety of items.  With this system, you can easily pack different contents into their own compartments and access them without disturbing or moving other items.  This compartment system has quickly became my favorite feature of the Hoboroll, as opposed to other stuff sack systems.  I have not found or seen a compartmentalized stuff sack that compares to the Hoboroll!  This system allows for ease of use and efficient packing.


Feature: Unique Straps

The Hoboroll’s straps seem quite durable and provide plenty of carrying options. In particular, the main compression strap extends to give users a shoulder sling, backpack-like strap, or other attachment point. The Hoboroll also has webbing that runs along its length, with five additional attachment points. These can be used as tool loops, or to clip the Hoboroll to a backpack or other equipment.


IMG_1213Using the Hoboroll

When using the Hoboroll, you can pretty much just assault the thing with your soft gear, and even with more rigid items. The easiest way that I’ve found to pack the Hoboroll in a compact manner is to cinch one end tightly and stuff clothing from the open end toward the newly created “bottom.” Once locked and loaded, I cinch the other end as tight as possible before compressing the unit using the strap system, working one buckle at a time to evenly increase tension.  After cinching and compressing, your Hoboroll is good to go for storage, or slinging as a standalone pack!


Experience and Suggested Uses

Gobi Gear recommends using the Hoboroll for anything and everything: backpacking, vacationing, air travel, hiking, gym bag, leisure, and other packing needs.  When testing the Hoboroll, I demoed it first on a five-day backpacking trip in the Georgian Appalachians, where it stood up to the backcountry elements very well!

An even more enjoyable use came when I used the Hoboroll hiking, paddling, and car-camping on a trip earlier this month.  The Hoboroll was especially helpful in keeping things organized.  On both trips, and possibly any future trip, I was able to pack every single item of clothing for the entire experience into the Hoboroll, providing a complete unit for my clothing needs on each expedition. This was especially helpful in keeping things efficient and smooth when leading outdoor pursuits.


Bottom Line:

Gobi Gear’s Hoboroll provides increased efficiency and versatility for the outdoor enthusiast when it comes to packing clothing for trips and activities.

I found the Hoboroll to be a significant blessing on recent trips, in that it did help me cut down on pack size and clutter.  The thing that I loved most was that it enabled me to better organize gear and clothing by use of the compartment system! Another major benefit is its ability to serve as a comprehensive unit for all of my clothing needs in the backcountry and frontcountry. I plan to continue to use the Hoboroll as a staple in my gear for both casual trips and extended adventures!


  • MSRP: $27.99
  • Capacity: 1160cu. in.  (19L)
  • Dimensions: 15″ x 10″ diameter

Thanks to Gobi Gear and Deep Creek PR for making this review possible!

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